Credit Card Payment SolutionsCredit Card Payment Solutions

Credit Card Payment Solutions

As a part of our continued commitment towards service excellence and customers’ convenience, we are pleased to provide the following options to pay your Bank Alfalah credit card dues.

1. Alfa Mobile App: Pay on the go by using the Alfa mobile app. Please click here to view the step by step instructions of paying credit bill through Alfa.

2. Internet Banking: Conveniently pay from the comfort of your home or office by logging on to Alfalah Internet Banking. Please click here to view the step by step instructions of paying credit bill through Alfa.

3. Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT): Pay off your bill by transferring funds from any other bank account by using that respective bank’s mobile app, internet banking, and ATM services. Likewise, you may use this service for payments of other banks’ credit card. You may check with your bank, where you maintain your account, for more details on this payment option.

4. ATMs: Pay your credit card bills through a widespread network of over 500 ATMs located across Pakistan.

5. Over the Counter: Pay through cash or crossed cheques at any of the 600 and above Bank Alfalah branches located in more than 200 cities across Pakistan

6. Auto Debit: Set up an automatic instruction to pay your bill in full or meet the minimum payment every month. You can call Bank Alfalah contact center to enroll into Auto Debit Facility

7. DropBox: Conveniently drop off your payment instruments at drop boxes located at 40 designated Bank Alfalah branches across Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. For your ready reference view the list of 40 designated branches where the subject facility is available along with their locations.

Cheque Instrument Checklist

1. Cheques can be deposited over the counter at any Bank Alfalah branch in Pakistan except Islamic Banking branches
2. Cheques shall be made payable to Bank Alfalah Credit Cards
3. Cheques shall be endorsed as A/c payee only and duly signed
4. Customer shall write Alafalah Credit Card number, full name (as it appears on the card) and contact number on the back of the cheque
5. To avoid any late payment penalties, the customer shall drop other bank’s clearing instruments at least 2 working days before the payment due date.
6. For all returned unpaid cheques, the return fee will be charged as per the Schedule of Bank Charges.

Drop Box Instructions

1. Do not staple your cheque to your payment coupon
2. Enclose the upper portion (i.e Payment Coupon) of statement with your payment cheque
3. Do not enclose Cash or correspondence with your payment

Other Instructions:

1. Please allow one working day to credit your account after cash payment is deposited at our branch counter or when paid through IBFT, Alfa or Internet Banking
2. Payment will be credited to the card account after funds are received by Bank Alfalah