Alfalah Orbit Rewards FAQsAlfalah Orbit Rewards FAQs

Alfalah Orbit Rewards FAQs

  1. What is Alfalah Orbit Rewards?
    Alfalah Orbit Rewards is Bank Alfalah’s loyalty program that rewards you on your entire banking relationship with us. As a customer, you can earn points on your credit card, debit card, deposit account, auto, mortgage or personal loan, internet banking or mobile application, bancassurance or an investment policy. You can also earn monthly tier awards as a multiplier on your total points earned based on the number of products you hold with us.
    Your accumulated Orbits (points) can be redeemed for items from our extensive online rewards catalogue and making bill payments on internet banking. You can even get fees reversed and transfer Orbits to other Bank Alfalah customers.
  2. What are Orbits?
    Orbits are the points that you earn across various Bank Alfalah products and services.
  3. Which customers are eligible for Alfalah Orbit Rewards?
    All Bank Alfalah individual customers and/or sole proprietors are eligible for Alfalah Orbit Rewards.
  4. How do I enroll for Alfalah Orbit Rewards?
    If you are an individual customer and/or a sole proprietor who has an eligible Alfalah Orbit Rewards product, you are automatically enrolled in the program.
  5. Are there any charges for being part of Alfalah Orbit Rewards?
    No. Alfalah Orbit Rewards is free of charge.
  6. What are the eligible products for Alfalah Orbit Rewards?
    The list of eligible products are listed below.

    Products & Services Name
    Current Accounts
    PKR Current Account
    Alfalah Kamayab Karobar
    Basic Banking Account
    Asaan Current Account
    Payroll Current Account
    Saving Accounts
    PLS Saving Account
    Alfalah Kifayat
    Alfalah Care Account
    Payroll Saving Account
    Asaan Saving Account
    Debit Cards
    Classic Card
    Gold Card
    Platinum Card
    Visa Signature Card
    Premier Visa Signature
    Credit Cards
    Classic Card
    Gold Card
    Titanium Card
    Platinum Card
    Premier Platinum Card
    Auto Loan
    Home Loan
    Personal Loan
    Digital Banking
    Internet Banking
    Alfa (Mobile App)
    SMS Alerts
    Bancassurance All bancassurance products
    Investment Products All investment products

    * Except policies issued under Pak-Qatar Takaful

  7. I already have an Alfalah Credit Card and have been earning reward points for spending. Will my previous reward points still be valid?
    Yes. Your previously accumulated points on your Alfalah Credit Card will still be valid and will now be known as Orbits. Since Alfalah Orbit Rewards is a bank wide rewards program, Orbits earned on your other Bank Alfalah products will also be added together into your point pool increasing your opportunity to earn and redeem more.
  8. I have just received my credit card statement and the total number of points available seems to have reduced. What does this mean?
    There is no change in the financial worth of your points. To make the value of the accumulated points simpler to understand, the actual worth of the points has been translated in rupee terms. As an example, if you previously had 1000 points which were equal to Rs 250, now you will see 250 Orbits in your statement which are worth Rs 250 as well.
  9. What will be the expiry date of my previous earned reward points on credit cards?
    There is no change in the expiry date of previously earned reward points. If they were to expire on the 30th of September 2018, they will still expire on the same date.
  10. Do the points on my credit card statement reflect points earned on my credit card only?
    The points on your credit card statement reflect points on your total relationship with the bank including points earned on your credit card.
  11. What is the worth of 1 Orbit?
    1 Orbit is equal to Re 1/-.
  12. How long are my Orbit (points) valid for?
    Orbit points earned will remain valid for 36 months.
  13. Is there an expiry date or period for Orbits earned?
    Yes, Orbits (points) will expire in 36 months. Orbits earned during January 2017 will expire on 31st January 2020.
  14. How can I find out how many Orbits I have earned?
    To inquire about your available Orbits, you can log on to Internet Banking/Orbit website, view Orbit e-statement or call the contact centre.
  15. I don’t receive Orbit e-Statement? How do I enroll for Orbit e-Statement?
    Simply sign-up for any e-Statement facility through the contact centre or your branch and you will start receiving Orbit e-Statement.
  16. When is Orbit e-Statement sent?
    Orbit e-Statement is sent maximum by mid of every month
  17. I don’t receive SMS alerts on redemption? How do I enroll for Orbit redemption alerts?
    Simply sign-up for any SMS alert facility on your account or card through the contact centre or your branch and you will start receiving Orbit redemption alerts on real time basis.
  18. When are SMS alerts sent for Orbits?
    If you are subscribed to the service, you will receive real time Orbit alerts on redemptions.
  19. In-case the Orbits earned are not reflecting correctly, what do I do?
    In-case of any discrepancy, please contact the call centre and register a Orbit complaint by emailing us at
  1. How do I earn Orbits?
    You can earn Orbits in the following ways:

    1. Origination/Sign-up (Bonus Orbit):
      When you get a new product or sign up for a service with the bank
    2. On-Going awards – Product Utilization (Orbits):
      When you utilize the bank’s product or services.
    3. Tier Bonus:
      The number of products you hold with the bank will allow you to earn a multiplier on your total monthly Orbit earning.

    To learn more click here

    Tier Eligibility Benefits
    Alfalah Orbit Rewards Any combination/number of product holding ineligible for upgrade Orbits awarded as per the individual product rules
    Orbit 3 Current or Saving Account + any 3 eligible products 25% of accumulated Orbits earned in a month
    Orbit 6 Current or Saving Account + any 6 eligible products 50% of accumulated Orbits earned in a month
    Orbit 9 Current or Saving Account + any 9 eligible products 100% of accumulated Orbits earned in a month

    In addition to the Orbits you earn on each product, you can earn a multiplier on the total number of Orbits earned depending on the number of products you hold with the bank. All you need is a current or saving account and a combination of 3, 6 or 9 products to earn a bonus of 25%, 50% or 100% of the total Orbits earned during a month

  2. How do I increase or jump tier?
    By signing up for eligible products you can jump tier immediately. There is also no restriction in jumping from Alfalah Orbit to Orbit 6 directly on opening the right number of eligible products.
  3. How can I find out in which tier do I belong to?
    You can logon to Internet Banking, view Orbit e-Statement or by calling the Call Center.
  4. I have just closed one/some of my products with Bank Alfalah, will I be downgraded to a lower tier?
    Once upgraded to a higher tier, you will remain in the particular tier for 6 months and earn the tier multiplier during the period giving you a chance to start another relationship to maintain your tier status. The 6 month period will start from the date of upgrade and will be marked as a review date. Downgrades will be done at the start of every month.
    E.g. If you are upgraded on May 17th, the next tier review date will be Nov 1st. The customer’s product holding as of Oct 31st will determine the customer’s tier.
  5. Will all types of credits/deposits into my account earn me Orbits? Are there any credit/deposit transactions on which Orbits will not be awarded?
    Only customer originated transactions are eligible for award. Orbits are not awarded on the following types of credit/deposit transactions:

    1. Reimbursements & refunds
    2. Reversal transactions
    3. Adjustment credits
    4. Profit disbursements
    5. Funds transfer between own customer accounts
    6. Term deposit liquidations into the accounts
  6. The on-going earn for deposits awards Orbits for every Rs. 25,000 credit. Does that mean a single credit/deposit has to be equal to Rs. 25,000 or can the sum of individual transactions be equal to Rs 25,000?
    For eligible deposit credit transactions, Orbits are awarded on multiples of Rs. 25,000, only if the total deposit in one transaction is Rs. 25,000 or more. Example: Orbits will be awarded if the total amount is Rs 25,000 or more and not on two deposits of Rs. 13,000 and Rs. 12,000.
  7. Do Supplementary Card members also accumulate Orbits by spending on their Card?
    Yes, supplementary card members earn Orbits the same way as basic card members. The Orbits earned by the supplementary card members are added to the basic card member’s pool.
  8. I have a joint account – will I still earn Orbits on my joint account?
    For joint accounts, orbits will only be awarded to Either-or-Survivor accounts.
  9. What type of financial transactions on ADC’s are eligible for earning Orbits?
    If you do 10 or more of the following type of transactions in a month, you will be awarded Orbits on ADC’s

    Channel Transaction
    Internet Banking/Alfa
    1. Bill Payment/Merchant Payment/Donation
    2. Third party funds transfer
    3. IBFT
    4. Credit card payment
    1. Bill payments
    2. Third party funds transfer
    3. IBFT
    4. Credit card payment
    5. Cash withdrawal from BAFL ATM’s
  10. Will I get bonus points on investment products every time I re-invest?
    On reinvestment to your existing investment policy, you will be awarded bonus points once a year on the basis of the tiers defined in the program rules. Points will be calculated on the reinvestment accumulatively.
  1. How can I redeem my Orbits?
    You can redeem your Orbits through Alfa Mobile App, Alfalah Internet Banking, Online Mall, at all BAFL POS machines and Alfalah Call Centre
  2. What can I redeem my Orbits against?
    You can redeem your Orbits for the following:
    On Internet Banking:
    1. Bill payments
    2. Donations
    3. Merchant payments / Online shoppingOn the Orbit Online Rewards Store:
    You can redeem your Orbits from a vast choice of Lifestyle, Home Comfort, Entertainment, Leather, Sports, Shopping, Travelling, Dining, Kids categories.
  3. How do I register myself on the Orbit online rewards portal?
    If you have signed up for Bank Alfalah internet banking you can access the online Orbit rewards portal through internet banking. If you wish to access the portal without signing up for internet banking or Alfa mobile application you can follow the simple instructions for registration on the Orbit rewards page at
  4. Are there any charges for using Orbit rewards website?
    If you sign up for the Orbit rewards page without registering for internet banking, there are no charges.
  5. Can a Supplementary Card member redeem Orbits?
    Orbits earned through the supplementary card can only be redeemed by the basic card holder
  6. Can I redeem more than 1 item at a time?
    Yes. You can redeem multiple items up to the worth of your Orbits.
  7. I do not have enough Orbits to complete my bill payment transaction. Can I use my account and/or credit card also to make the payment?
    Yes. You can use Orbits in combination with your account and credit card to make a bill payment transaction simply by selecting your primary mode of payment and then adding another payment option on internet banking.
  1. Are my Orbits exchangeable for cash?
    Orbits accumulated in the reward program cannot be exchanged for cash
  2. Can I transfer my points to another customer?
    Yes. You can transfer points to another Bank Alfalah Orbit rewards customer through internet banking and/or Alfa mobile application. You will need to setup a beneficiary through the user management interface to initiate a transfer.
  3. Is there any limit on the transfer of Orbits on Internet Banking ?
    Your daily transaction limit for transfer of Orbits on internet banking is as per the daily transaction limit package you have subscribed for
  4. What is FTO (Fast Track Option)?
    FTO is a unique facility offered by Bank Alfalah Limited in order to make items in the rewards catalogue more achievable. A reward that has been marked as FTO in the rewards catalogue is either redeemable against Orbits or a combination of Orbits and rupee payment through your credit card or account.
  5. How can I avail FTO?
    You can avail the FTO facility by calling the Bank Alfalah contact center at 111 225 111
  6. Is there a service fee to avail FTO?
    No. There are no charges for utilizing FTO
  7. Is the FTO available on all rewards?
    Fast Track Option is available on selected rewards only. Look out for the rewards marked with FTO on the rewards catalogue.
  8. Can I pay the rupee requirement of FTO in Cash?
    Since the rupee amount for a reward being redeemed through FTO is posted as a charge on your Card with your consent, any payment made by you would be debited to your Card Account and will be used to settle the outstanding on your Card.
  9. I have redeemed a voucher from the online rewards portal. How long will the voucher be valid for?
    The validity of a voucher may vary from merchant to merchant. Please see the voucher you have received for more details.
  10. Can a voucher be exchanged once it has been issued?
    Once a voucher is issued against your Orbits, it cannot be exchanged.
  11. If I want to shop more than the amount mentioned on the shopping voucher redeemed from the Orbit catalogue, can I adjust the difference myself?
    If you do wish to shop more than the specified value, you can do so and settle the amount separately as per arrangement with the customer.
  12. If I want to shop less than the amount mentioned on the shopping voucher redeemed from the Orbit catalogue, can I adjust the difference or claim cash for the difference amount?
    In the event that the reward redeemed is a shopping voucher, the item(s) selected by should be at least of the face value mentioned on the reward certificate.
  13. How can I access the online rewards catalogue?
    If you are a Bank Alfalah internet banking and/or mobile application user, look for the Online Catalogue option in the Orbit menu. If you do not have internet banking and/or mobile application, you can visit and register yourself as an Orbit only customer.
  14. My delivery address showing on the Orbit rewards online store is incorrect or is not updated, what should I do?
    Your address appearing on the Orbit rewards portal is sourced from your customer profile maintained at with the bank. If your address is appearing as incorrect or is not updated you will need to visit your nearest Bank Alfalah branch or CFC center to have your information updated or corrected on your customer profile.
  15. How long will it take to deliver a reward item from the catalogue?
    The reward/reward certificate will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks of receiving your request.
  16. Can I cancel a redemption request placed online through the online rewards portal?
    No. Once you have gone through the steps required to redeem an item online and confirmed it, the request cannot be reversed.
  17. In-case I receive a damaged reward item, how do I inform the bank?
    In-case you receive a damaged reward item, please call the Bank Alfalah contact center at 111 225 111 and register a complaint.
  18. In-case the reward item received is not as per my request, what do I do?
    In-case the reward item received is not as per your request (for example: You ordered a silver colored toaster, and you received a red colored toaster), please call the Bank Alfalah contact center at 111 225 111 and register a complaint.
  19. Can I make payment of my Credit Card bill through Orbits?
    No. Credit card payments cannot be made against Orbits
  20. Can I make bill/merchant payments partially, using Orbits and my account/card?
    Yes. You can make one single payment by selecting a combination of Orbits, your bank account and/or credit card (for conventional customers only) on internet banking.
  21. Can I reverse bank charges by using Orbits?
    Yes. You can reverse certain charges on your credit card using your Orbits. For more details call the Bank Alfalah contact center at 111 225 111.