Women’s Financial Services – CardsWomen’s Financial Services – Cards

Women’s Financial Services – Cards

Credit Card

Bank Alfalah MasterCard Optimus Credit Card is targeted towards the modern and independent women. It comes with a vibrant design bundled with various product features suited to the needs of the women. A unique proposition of the Optimus Credit Card is that it includes discount offers on spas/salons, footwear merchants, apparel, dining and more. In addition to discounts, it also offers cashback on Netflix subscription fees. With a dedicated Travel Desk and free access to airport lounges both domestically and internationally, Bank Alfalah MasterCard Optimus Credit Card offers many features to help empower women, so that they may enjoy and live their life to the fullest.

Debit Card

Bank Alfalah Pehchaan Debit Card is especially designed to cater the needs of women from all walks of life, including, but not limited to, professionals, house wives, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors. This card is tailored with exclusive discounts and offers aimed specifically to cater to the needs of women. Its customized card design is a reflection of individualism, strength and “Pehchaan” to empower women. This debit card also has a loyalty reward program which enables cardholders to earn reward points on every retail spend. These points are called Orbits, which can be redeemed and used to pay utility bills, mobile top ups and make purchases from various Bank Alfalah POS terminals.