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Alfalah Digital Payroll

Digital banking Payroll is a user friendly solution which primarily targets blue collar staff, that allows companies to disburse salaries directly into the Mobile Wallet Accounts of the employees who are generally paid in cash. The
Payroll account is equipped with a mobile wallet card and allows employees to access their account via multiple channels (Alfa App, Agent Network, ATM, Internet Banking, Branches )in addition to payroll, these employees can avail short term loans in the form of advance salary and also avail Asset financing (i.e. Motor Bike, Mobile Phone, Home Appliances).
Companies are able open employee accounts and run salaries, along with other functionalities, with just a few clicks through the corporate payroll portal. On its journey to digitize cash payouts, as at the end of March 2021 BAFL’s Digital banking group successfully signed 45 corporates for payroll disbursements. As of 30th June 2021 PKR 11 Billion payroll have been processed into digital payroll wallets. October 2020, BAFL’s digital banking group successfully onboarded 55+ corporates for payroll disbursement. During 2020, PKR11 billion in payroll salaries was credited into the payroll accounts. The recent launch of Islamic Payroll makes BAFL the only Bank to offer both Conventional & Islamic Payroll proposition to corporates.

The Product

  • Digital Banking Payroll is a user friendly solution that allows companies to disburse salaries directly into the Mobile Wallet Accounts of the employees.
  • Mobile account linked to PayPak card
  • Salaries are disbursed to accounts same day upon receipt of request.
  • To get cash, the employees can visit any Bank Alfalah ATM/other bank ATM, Branch, or Alfa agents.
  • Secure – Payroll Card is the safest way of disbursement of salaries for the organization and employees, where there is no involvement of cash.
  • Cost Effective – It eliminates overhead cost for the company.
  • Paperless account opening, deployment is simple and execution is fast

Transactional Privileges

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Top up/ Bill Payment
  • Transaction History
  • ATM Cash withdrawal
  • Funds Transfer
  • Mini Statement from ATM
  • ALFA App

Attributes & Details

  • Account Type – Non Interest bearing
  • Access Mode – Mobile Channel (ALFA App – PayPak Debit Card)
  • Access Points – ATMS (On-us & Off-us), Bank Alfalah Branches (700+), ALFA Agents & POS Merchant Locations.
  • Transaction Type – Level 0 (Rs. 25,000 per day – Rs. 50,000 per month – Rs. 200,000 per year)
    Level 1 (Rs. 50,000 per day – Rs. 200,000 per month)

Benefits to Client

  • Hassle free, cost effective & saves time
  • Payroll portal for disbursement
  • Simplified enrolment process for organizations & employees
  • Secure as removes cash management challenges
  • Availability of transactional records and reports
  • Employer Financing for salary transfer

Benefits to Employees

  • Salary will be directly transferred in the payroll wallet account every month & will be instantly accessible through debit card
  • SMS alerts for transactions
  • Employees will not have to visit the branch for account opening
  • Advanced Salary option/Bike financing
  • Free of cost Insurance
  • Discounts on various restaurants/retail outlets

Payroll Cards Issuance (Bulk)

  • Visit to client & Agreement sign off
  • Data collection & Employee
  • Data Processed & Accounts opened (Level 0)
  • Cards delivered to employees & activated via Call center/ATM

Level 1 Account Upgrade

  • Service team will visit client premises with tablet or employee can visit any BAFL branch
  • Employee will provide his CNIC & Mobile number
  • Employee will provide biometric verification
  • Account will be upgraded to Level 1

Disbursement Backend by Bank

  • Disbursement initiated by the bank to its parent branch
  • Branch endorses & verifies the request
  • Request forwarded to branchless banking ops
  • Disbursements made to respective accounts in bulk
  • Confirmation sent to the client and respective branch
  • Employees receive SMS alert of disbursement

Disbursement via Portal by Client

  • Company HR staff will upload disbursement file on portal
  • Company checker will login to the portal
  • Checker will approve the disbursement file
  • Disbursement made to respective account in bulk
  • Employees receive SMS alert of disbursement

Particulars & Charges

  • Account Opening/Card Issuance – Free
  • Cash Withdrawal – Bank Alfalah ATMS – Free
  • Cash Withdrawal (Other 1-Link ATMs) – Rs. 18.75/- per transaction
  • Card Replacement Charges – up to Rs. 465/- (EMV Card)
  • Funds transfer to BAFL Account – Free
  • IBFT (Other banks) – As per SOBC-
  • POS – Retail Purchases – Free
  • Per Disbursement Fee – Rs. 50/- (Negotiable)

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