Alfalah Digital PayrollAlfalah Digital Payroll

Alfalah Digital Payroll

The Product

  • Digital Banking Payroll is a user friendly solution that allows companies to disburse salaries directly into the Mobile Wallet Accounts of the employees.
  • Mobile account linked to PayPak card
  • Salaries are directly disbursed to the accounts at the prescribed time.
  • To get cash, the employees can visit any Alfalah branch, 1 Link ATMs across Pakistan or Alfa agents.
  • Secure – Payroll Card is the safest way of disbursement of salaries for the organization and the employees, where there is no involvement of cash.
  • Cost Effective – It eliminates overhead cost for the company.
  • Paperless account opening, Deployment is simple and & execution is fast

Transactional Privileges

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Top up/ Bill Payment
  • Transaction History
  • ATM Cash withdrawal
  • Funds Transfer
  • Mini Statement from ATM
  • ALFA App

Attributes & Details

  • Account Type – Non Interest bearing
  • Access Mode – Mobile Channel (ALFA App – PayPak Debit Card)
  • Access Points – ATMS (On-us & Off-us), Bank Alfalah Branches (700+), ALFA Agents & POS Merchant Locations.
  • Transaction Type – Level 0 (Rs. 25,000 per day – Rs. 50,000 per month – Rs. 200,000 per year)
    Level 1 (Rs. 50,000 per day – Rs. 200,000 per month)

Benefits to Client

  • Hassle free, cost effective & saves time
  • Payroll portal for disbursement
  • Simplified enrolment process for organizations & employees
  • Secure as removes cash management challenges
  • Availability of transactional records and reports
  • Employer Financing for salary transfer

Benefits to Employees

  • Salary will be directly transferred in the payroll wallet account every month & will be instantly accessible through debit card
  • SMS alerts for transactions
  • Employees will not have to visit the branch for account opening
  • Advanced Salary option/Bike financing
  • Free of cost Insurance
  • Discounts on various restaurants/retail outlets

Payroll Cards Issuance (Bulk)

  • Visit to client & Agreement sign off
  • Data collection & Employee
  • Data Processed & Accounts opened (Level 0)
  • Cards delivered to employees & activated via Call center/ATM

Level 1 Account Upgrade

  • Sales team will visit client premises with tablet or employee can visit any BAFL branch
  • Employee will provide his CNIC & Mobile number
  • Employee will provide biometric verification
  • Account will be upgraded to Level 1

Disbursement Backend by Bank

  • Disbursement initiated by the bank to its parent branch
  • Branch endorses & verifies the request
  • Request forwarded to branchless banking ops
  • Disbursements made to respective accounts in bulk
  • Confirmation sent to the client and respective branch
  • Employees receive SMS alert of disbursement

Disbursement via Portal by Client

  • Company HR staff will upload disbursement file on portal
  • Company checker will login to the portal
  • Checker will approve the disbursement file
  • Disbursement made to respective account in bulk
  • Employees receive SMS alert of disbursement

Particulars & Charges

  • Account Opening/Card Issuance – Free
  • Cash Withdrawal – Bank Alfalah ATMS – Free
  • Cash Withdrawal (Other 1-Link ATMs) – Rs. 18.75/- per transaction
  • Card Replacement Charges – up to Rs. 375/- (EMV Card)
  • Funds transfer to BAFL Account – Free
  • IBFT (Other banks) – Rs. 75/-
  • POS – Retail Purchases – Free
  • Per Disbursement Fee – Rs. 50/- (Negotiable)