Pakistan’s First Instant Person to Merchant Payment System

Raast P2M QR is Pakistan’s first instant payment system by State Bank of Pakistan that enables person-to-merchant digital payment scheme among individuals and corporate businesses instantaneously. ALFA Business App has integrated Raast P2M scheme for offering Raast P2M QR to accept Merchant Payments.


  • All Raast enabled banking apps can conduct Raast P2M QR transactions
  • Fund transfer on Merchant’s IBAN
  • Customers can conduct transactions on Raast P2M acceptance QR
  • Only account based transactions can be performed
  • T+1 settlement of RAAST P2M payments
  • Less MDR

How can a customer pay via Raast QR?

All Raast enabled banking apps can conduct Raast P2M QR transactions. Just ask customer to follow the following steps if customer is ALFA user,

  1. Login to your Alfa app. Open QR scanner
  2.  Scan RAAST QR
  3. Enter amount in case of Static and amount auto fetched in case of Dynamic QR proceed
  4. Get transaction payment receipt

How can merchant receive funds via Raast QR?

Receiving business payments through Raast QR involves a straightforward and easy process.

  1. Generate real-time dynamic QR or share your static QR with customer
  2. Customer will scan and pay
  3. Receive payment confirmation message

How can merchant register his/her business on Raast P2M QR?

Individuals or small businesses:

  • Download Alfa Business app from Google Play Store
  • Click on “Register now”
  • Provide personal and business details
  • Upload Documents
  • And click on “let’s get started”
  • Start accepting payments

Sole Proprietors, Partnership, Limited Company, NGOs/Clubs, Government/Semi Government Organizations and Corporate Setup:

For payment related issues:

Frequently Asked Questions:

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