• Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA)
    • Most Innovative Islamic Banking Window 2020
      Bank Alfalah Islamic was recognized by GIFA for its striving excellence to continuously serve our customers in new and better ways. The year 2019 marked Bank Alfalah Islamic’s successful launch of its Premier proposition and one of its kind deposit facility of Alfalah Islamic Recurring Value Deposit. In 2020, the Bank also introduced a Shariah compliant Islamic App for its customers.
    • Best Islamic Savings Product 2020 – Alfalah Islamic Recurring Value Deposit
      Since its launch and till date, Alfalah Islamic Recurring Value Deposit has served as an outshining star to Bank’s Deposit Portfolio. It is one of its kind savings proposition in the industry, which lets the Bank’s valued customers save according to their preferences and provides them with increasing and Halal returns.
  • Effie Award for Remittance Account Campaign
    Bank Alfalah won a Silver Effie Award for its Remittance Account Campaign in a ceremony conducted by the Pakistan Advertisers Society.
  • Pakistan Digital Awards
    • Best High Impact Campaign Award
      Bank Alfalah won the Best High Impact Campaign Award for its Alfalah Kifayat Account Campaign
    • Best Content Marketing Award
      Bank Alfalah won the Best Content Marketing Award for its Alfa World Cup Campaign

Bank Alfalah was recognized at a prestigious Pakistan Banking Awards ceremony held on 10th January, 2020 as the Best Bank of 2019 and the Best Customer Franchise. These awards of the Best Bank and the Best Customer Franchise are a befitting recognition of the progress that we have made in the financial industry through offering pioneering services and products that best fit the needs of customers.

  • Best Bank of 2019 Award
    Bank Alfalah won the Best Bank of 2019 award at the prestigious Pakistan Banking Awards ceremony.
  • Best Customer Franchise Award
    Bank Alfalah won, for the fourth time in a row, the Best Customer Franchise Award at Pakistan Banking Awards ceremony.
  • Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) Awards
    Bank Alfalah is committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive work culture where everyone’s uniqueness is valued. We are also devoted to offering the best benefits to our employees. In 2019, we participated in Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) Awards. The benchmarks used as the criteria for these awards serve as the standards for organizations around the world in the development and implementation of Diversity and Inclusion best practices.

    We won two GDIB ‘Best Practice’ awards in the following categories:

    • Benefits, Work-life Integration and Flexibility
    • D&I Structure and Implementation

Recognition at the 3rd Pakistan Banking Awards Bank Alfalah believes in offering the best banking experience to its customers. The Bank’s efforts were recognized at the 3rd Pakistan Banking Awards held on 9th November, 2018. Bank Alfalah received two prestigious awards in different categories.

  • Best Customer Franchise
    The Bank got the award for the third consecutive year for the most efficient service delivery and attention to customer requirements.
  • Best SME Bank
    For providing financial support to SMEs and helping them develop a sustainable growth strategy.

This year marks Bank Alfalah as Pakistan’s number one Bank. It is both an honour and a privilege to do the best and be recognized for it. It’s what helps us set the bar higher, for ourselves and the industry; it’s what helps us lead our customers, and show them our way forward as the number one Bank. For demonstrating the most significant contribution to national development and for the most effective management of its resources, including its employees, clients, franchises, community and financials. It’s not just one but several awards, accolades and reasons for recognition that have helped us become the Best Bank. Because, at Bank Alfalah, we believe in being masters in all aspects so that we can give the best banking experience to all our customers and serve our employees in the best way possible. For the most efficient service delivery and attention to customer requirements.

  • Best Website of the Year 2017
    For innovation and distinction in the digital community.
  • Bank Alfalah Islamic, PAS Award 2017
    For the ‘All You Need Is Faith’ Islamic Banking Campaign in Best in Banking and Financial Services.
  • Best Loyalty and Rewards Programme 2017
    For the innovation of Alfalah Orbit Rewards Programme.
  • Best Investor Relations, PSX Listed Companies
    For the fourth consecutive year.