Cards Acceptance Solutions

Alfalah Cards Merchant Acquiring

In 2005, Bank Alfalah started the Merchant Acquiring business to cater to the payment acceptance needs of our merchants. Currently, Bank Alfalah is the market leader in Acquiring business with more than 20,000 POS machines deployed in 200+ cities across Pakistan.

Bank Alfalah supports its customers’ and partners’ business growth by enabling rapid adoption of new ways to pay and offering customized technological solutions that deliver value through enhanced efficiency. With innovative cards acceptance solutions, we strive towards elimination of traditional payment methods and adoption of digital payments nationwide and across borders.

We offer following modes of Cards Acceptance:

Alfalah’s Online Payment Gateway, powered by MasterCard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS), is a state of the art payment gateway. It allows customers to enable card payments on their websites and apps. With its cutting edge technology, Alfalah’s Internet Payment Gateway offers the following unique features:

In-house Integration Expert: Alfalah offers support to its customers to integrate their websites and apps to the payment gateway for a seamless setting up process

Flexible integration options: Removes the need for merchants to handle and store sensitive card data

Customer Friendliness: Customized and branded payment pages for merchant websites

Industry leading Fraud Management Solution: It allows setting up or triggering a wide array of smart fraud management rules to protect merchants and customers.

Tokenization Capability: MPGS enables one time token issuance feature – no repetitive enrollment required useful for recurring payments for clubs, utility bills etc

Mobile Innovation: The gateway can be connected to the merchant app for accepting mobile payments.

Alfalah’s POS Terminal Acquiring solution allows customers to accept card payments from the following schemes:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • UnionPay
  • AmericanExpress (exclusively used on BAFL POS machines)
  • PayPak
  • JCB
  • 1-Link enabled cards

Our range of POS terminals caters to our merchants’ diverse needs. Our POS technologies include GPRS, Dialup, WiFi and Ethernet POS terminals.

In addition to processing card payments, our easy-to-use POS Terminal Acquiring solution includes the following unique features for seamless management of your payment needs:

Alfalah Merchant Line:
Based on our merchant’s Alfalah POS usage, Alfalah offers cash flow based running finance and term loan facilities structured to meet the merchant’s Working Capital and business expansion needs.
Merchant Portal:
Merchants can easily access their settlement details through an Online Merchant Portal
Customized Management Information System:
To meet the merchant’s diverse reporting needs, we offer customized MIS reports developed and delivered to the merchants at a predetermined frequency
In-house After Sales Support:
With closely-knit, in-house Sales and Support Teams, our dedicated staff ensures an unparalleled customer experience.
Multiple Payment Modes against Card Collections:
As per the customers’ requirements, we offer any of the following payment mode:

  • Direct credit of your payment proceeds to BAFL account
  • Interbank Funds Transfer
  • Payment through Bank Alfalah Pay Order
  • Payments through merchant card powered by Visa

Alfalah mPOS (Mobile Point-of-Sale) is a mobile app that enables businesses to easily perform secure card transactions on-the-go through a smartphone and a card swiper.

The device’s portability makes it the ideal cards acceptance solution for off-premises transactions such as delivering goods and services to a customer’s home. It is also ideal for entrepreneurs running operations from limited locations.

Bank Alfalah merchants can simply download the app and plug in the card swiper into their smartphone to accept payments from customers. Alfalah mPOS app is PCI-DSS compliant i.e. fully encrypted for highest security and traceability. Through the Alfalah mPOS, you can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay International cards.

Key Benefits:

  • Accept Card Payments Anywhere and Anytime
  • Completely replace paper receipts with Email/SMS Transaction Acknowledgement
  • Easily reconcile card payments through the in-app Transaction History
  • Allow customers to digitally sign
  • Manage transactions with the Online Merchant Management Portal
  • Obtain real-time payment information
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android

For recurring card transactions such as bill payments, Alfalah offers its merchants the processing of card transactions without the card being physically present, subject to prior consent obtained from the cardholder. This eliminates the need for the cardholder to visit the merchant for every recurring payment.

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