Jubilee Kafeel PlanJubilee Kafeel Plan

Jubilee Kafeel Plan

(Hospitalization plan)

Planning well can keep you well. Because life should be about experiences and time spent with loved ones.
With the Jubilee Kafeel Plan, you can be prepared for medical emergencies and other treatments.
Offering different levels of service, the Jubilee Kafeel Plan helps you plan for unforeseen medical expenses and provides a death benefit which will be payable to the beneficiaries.
Stay prepared, stay ready. And most of all, stay well.

Bank Alfalah Limited in partnership with Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited offers Kafeel Plan.

Features and Benefits

Coverage Plan Type
Bronze Silver Gold
Hospitalization (per annum) PKR 150,000 PKR 300,000 PKR 500,000
Additional Coverage (in case of Hospitalization due to Accident) PKR 100,000 PKR 150,000 PKR 250,000
Daily Room and Board Limit Semi Private Semi Private Private
(Investigation, Consultation and Medicines)
Covered for 30 days Covered for 30 days Covered for 30 days
(Investigation, Consultation and Medicines)
Covered up to PKR 8,000 and for 30 days Covered up to PKR 12,000 and for 30 days Covered up to PKR 15,000 and for 30 days
Lacerated Wound and Fractures Covered Covered Covered
Intensive Care Unit Covered Covered Covered
Death due to any cause* PKR 100,000 PKR 100,000 PKR 100,000

Payment Frequency

Below is a breakdown of the minimum premium contributions with in the age bracket that can be made:

Age Bronze Silver Gold
From To
0 44 7,700 11,800 13,000
45 59 15,700 24,100 26,100
60 64 22,100 33,100 35,700
65 69 52,700 78,200 84,800
70 75 54,700 86,300 94,500

*Death Coverage is valid up to 69th Birthday only
You can choose any one of the plan types that best suits your requirement.

Note: For a better understanding in making your selection according to your insurance needs, you may contact representatives at your nearest Bank Alfalah Limited branch.


The plan is available to all Bank Alfalah Limited customers between 0-59 years of age. The plan is renewable up to the age of 75 years.

Term of Plan

Jubilee Kafeel Plan is a yearly renewable hospitalization plan. The policy term of this plan is 1 year.


For death due to any cause: At time of claims, the beneficiary needs to contact Jubilee Life at (021) 111-111-554 and submit the following documents.

  • Original Policy Documents
  • Claim Forms A, B, C, D
  • Complete Medical /Treatment Record including all Clinical Notes at the onset of the treatment
  • Death Certificate issued by Hospital and NADRA
  • Attested CNIC of both the life assured and claimant(s)
  • Intimation wherein Date of death and Cause of death should be mentioned by the claimant

However, in case of Murder, Suicide or Accidental Death following mandatory requirements should also be added:

  • Post Mortem/ Autopsy Report (Attested)
  • News Paper Cutting of the event (Attested)
  • Police First Information Report (FIR) (Attested)
  • Medico Legal Report (Attested)

Note: Further requirements can be asked for depending on the case.

For Hospital Reimbursement: The following procedure will be followed:

  • Inform Jubilee Health within 24 hours of the hospitalization
  • Pay cash for the treatment.
  • Submit all original bills/supporting documents with claim form for reimbursement, within 30 days of discharge from the hospital.
  • Settlement of claim will be done in line with policy terms and conditions.

Contact Details of Claims Department:

Claims Department,
74 / 1 – A, Lalazar, M. T. Khan Road,
Karachi – 74000, Pakistan

Phone – Head Office: 92-21-35205095, 92-21-35205094 , 021-111-111-554

Fax: 92-21-35610959


Please note that the Medical Board of Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited will be the sole authority to evaluate and decide on the authenticity of the claim.

Panel Hospitals List


Customer can cancel the policy within a Free Look Period of 14 days from receipt of the documents, they are entitled for a full refund of premium less any expenses incurred by Jubilee Life in connection with your medical or clinical examinations


The product is underwritten by Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited. It is not guaranteed or insured by Bank Alfalah Limited or its affiliates.

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