Bank Alfalah Orbit RewardsBank Alfalah Orbit Rewards

Bank Alfalah Orbit Rewards

Alfalah Orbit Rewards is a brand new way to bank with us. This is no ordinary loyalty programme. Here we call points ‘Orbits’ and you can earn them across multiple products. You are no longer limited to earning Orbits just on credit cards.

In fact you can earn them on current and savings accounts, debit and credit cards, auto, personal and home loans, Investment products, Bancassurance, SMS alerts and transactions through branches, Alfa (mobile app) and internet banking, all at the same time.

And that’s not even the best part. Multiple ways to earn means more Orbits to spend. Choose from a wide range of gadgets and appliances from, instantly redeem orbits on BAFL POS terminals or just pay your bills through Alfa app. We promise to send you into Orbit!

How to Earn Orbits

You can earn Orbits, Bonus Orbits and Tier Bonus through the following products and services [..]

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How to spend Orbits

Multiple ways to earn means more Orbits to spend. You can visit Alfa Mall and choose from a wide range […]

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Orbit Tiers

If you have any Bank Alfalah product except current or savings account or a current or saving account and less […]

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