Branchless Banking


Bank Alfalah has recently joined hands with Employee Old Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) for the administration and organization of the contribution collection and pension disbursement process in Pakistan. The process has been designed to cater to a wide base of 390,000+ pensioners, and 98,000 contributing employers. Bank Alfalah will manage an average monthly pension disbursement of Rs.5,250 for each EOBI pensioner, along with a total monthly contribution collection of Rs 1.5 billion from employers.

Bank Alfalah has worked on revolutionizing the pension disbursement process by making it more sophisticated and agile as opposed to the manual processes which were previously being followed. The pension disbursement process has been designed to become completely digital through the use of branchless banking mobile wallets which will eradicate the use of physical dealing of cash at the time of pension disbursements. Instead of pension collection at branches only, Bank Alfalah has now widened the access points for pensioners. EOBI pensioners will now be able to withdraw and utilize their pensions through the 10,000+ ATM network, and 40,000+ POS machine network in the country.

Bank Alfalah began the registration of EOBI pensioners at its branches from 23rd May 2016.


How can EOBI pensioners open their EOBI pension account at Bank Alfalah?

  • An EOBI pensioner will visit a BAFL branch and show his/her CNIC and Passbook for verification.
  • After verification, the pensioner will be asked to perform a bio-metric verification for pensioner profiling.
  • The pensioner will be asked to provide some basic KYC details in order to complete the account opening form.
  • The form will be printed and signed by the pensioner and branch officer.
  • The pensioner’s Wallet account will now be opened and the EOBI pension card pack will be handed over to the pensioner.


How can EOBI pensioners activate their EOBI pension card?

To activate the EOBI pension card, you can simply call on our 24/7 customer support helpline at 021-111-225-229.


How will EOBI pension disbursement take place?

On the 1st of every month, the pensioner’s wallet account will be credited with the EOBI pension amount. Upon successful disbursement, an SMS notification will be sent to all EOBI wallet holders.

An EOBI Pensioner will then be able to withdraw the funds from their account at any ATM in Pakistan, or use it at any POS machine for retail purchases in Pakistan.


How will EOBI contribution collection take place?

Manual contribution collection

  • The depositor will visit a BAFL branch to deposit the contribution in EOBI Pension Fund
  • The depositor will be asked to fill the PR-03 deposit slip placed at the branch slip counter and then approach the branch teller.
  • The branch teller will complete the transaction by filling out all the details on the deposit slip onto the system.

Contribution collection with pre-generated slip

  • If a depositor wishes to deposit funds into the EOBI Pension Fund, they can generate the PR-03 deposit slip from the EOBI website.
  • The depositor will then visit a BAFL branch along with the pre-generated slip and then approach the branch teller when called to the ticket counter.
  • The branch teller will complete the transaction by filling out all the details on the deposit slip, onto the system.


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