FAQ’s – ALFA ApplicationFAQ’s – ALFA Application

FAQ’s – ALFA Application

IBFT services are completely free of charge for Bank Alfalah customers if their monthly transaction amount doesn’t exceed PKR 25,000 per account/wallet. Once the transaction volume exceeds PKR 25,000 a charge of 0.1% or Rs.200 (whichever is lower) will be charged on every transaction.

However, Roshan Digital Account customers and premier customers may continue to enjoy IBFT services free of charge.

All Alfalah Active Account / Debit or Credit Card customers can register. Alfalah Internet Banking customers can also use their existing User ID & Password to login Alfa. In-case you do not have an Alfalah Account or a Credit Card, please request via ALFA or call us at +92 21 111-225-224.

You can use your existing Alfalah Internet Banking username and password to log in. If you do not have an Internet Banking account, you can register instantly by downloading ALFA.

No. This service will work on any type of Internet connection. It could be through a Wi-Fi connection or your pre-paid or post-paid mobile network connection.

You need the following to use Alfa Mobile App:

  • Any Android or Apple (iOS) smartphone
  • Active Alfalah Account / Debit or Credit Card, registered mobile number & email address
  • Username
  • Password

There are no other charges.

ALFA can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone.

  • Click on register Now
  • Click on Already bank Alfalah accountholder
  • Select from Account/ Debit Card/Credit Card
  • Enter CNIC
  • MNP
  • Mobile Number
  • DOB
  • Click on Next
  • Enter Email Address and security questions
  • Enter User Name
  • By Clicking on confirm, a prompt will appear to call helpline for activation
  • After successful activation
  • An OTAC – One time activation code will be generated. The first 5 digits/characters will be sent on your registered email and the last 5 digits/characters will be sent via SMS on your registered cell number.
  • You can log in by combining the OTAC sent to your email and cell number
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Account statement for 90 days
  • Transferring funds between your Bank Alfalah accounts
  • Transferring funds from your Bank Alfalah account to other Bank Alfalah account holders
  • Transferring funds to selected 1-LINK & MNET member banks
  • Utility bill payments
  • Credit card bill payments
  • View last 10 days Credit Card Transaction history
  • Purchasing mobile phone airtime
  • Internet Service Provider Bill Payments
  • Donations to selected charitable organizations
  • Payments for online shopping
  • Locate Nearest ATM, Branches, CDMs, and digital corner
  • Schedule Bill Payments
  • Download WHT statement and WHT Certificate
  • Alfa TDR
  • Alfa Instant Loan
  • CNIC Expiry Updation
  • Tax payment
  • Alfa Remittance
  • Goal base saving
  • Raast Account
  • School fee payment
  • Account opening through Alfa

Yes, click on Account > View statement.

You can view statement of last 90 Days.

Yes, you can download statement for up to 3 years.

Yes. Kindly go to Services> Cheque Book

Yes. Kindly click on Side Menu > Locator

Kindly go to services > Banker’s Cheque > Fill in the details and click on submit.

Account Holder or Authorized Representative nominated by Account Holder.

Yes, but requests after 4pm will be processed on the next business day.

After 48 working hours of request submission

No, an NTN is mandatory for corporate entities

Yes, but after complete processing of current requested Cheque book

Kindly go to Send Menu > My Alfa > My Alfa App > Add Account

Kindly go to Send Menu > My Alfa > My Alfa App > Blocking > Select from Temporary Blocking/ Permanent Blocking > Submit

Yes, you can use Alfa from anywhere. All you need is a stable Internet connection.

You can reset your password through Alfa or call Alfa helpline at +92 21 111-225-224 to reset your password.

You do not need to sign any physical form or visit Alfalah branch to register for ALFA.

  • Download Alfa on your smartphone
  • Register using Account, Debit or Credit Card & CNIC information

If you require guidance please contact us at +92 21 111-225-224.

Yes, your per day transaction limit is shared. It gets reduced if you perform any transaction on Internet Banking except for paying bill of your own Bank Alfalah Credit Card

Payee can be added in the following manner:

  1.  Click on My Payee section, tap on the ‘Plus’ icon and provide the required information. A One Time Authorization Code (OTAC) will be sent on the registered Mobile Number and Email Address to validate the activity.
  2. You can also add new beneficiary by conducting transaction.

Payee can be deleted in the following manner;

  • Click on My Payees.
  • Click on delete option in front of the payee.

Yes, you can transfer funds between all your accounts linked to your Alfa, using the ‘My Account’ facility.

Normally, funds are transferred instantly. In case the credit is delayed by more than a day, please call our Call Center at 111-225-111 or write to us at for assistance.

Bill payment is our online bill payment service, which allows you to pay bills to any of our listed billing companies, mobile companies, internet service providers.

You can pay bills for the following utilities:



  • K-Electric


  • Telenor
  • Ufone
  • Mobilink
  • Warid
  • Zong
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Qubee
  • Witribe
  • PTCL EVO Prepaid
  • PTCL EVO Postpaid
  • Wateen



  • SSGC


  • KWSB

Joint accountholders with operating instruction ‘either or Survivor’ register on Alfa.

Yes, secondary accountholder can register through his debit card.

There are 3 packages:

  • IB399- 250,000 per day
  • IB449- 500,000 per day
  • IB599- 1,000,000 per day

Yes, you can change it through Alfa.

  • Click on side menu
  • Click on My alfa
  • Click on My Alfa App
  • Click on ‘Package’

Yes. Kindly click on Cards > Credit Card.

Yes. Kindly go to Bill Payment> Credit Card > Bank Alfalah

You can pay Utility Bills, Mobile Prepaid Topup & Postpaid Bills, View Card Deals & Discounts.

Yes. Kindly go to Bill Payment> Credit Card > Other Banks.

Bank Alfalah offers a secure method of payment to an increasing list of merchants. Customers can make their payments for purchases from the below listed merchants

  • Shophive
  • Sehat.
  • Deals Daily
  • Shop Daily
  • Tohfay
  • Daraz

Kindly click on Lifestyle > Select Merchant > Enter order ID and amount > Click on Proceed > select account details > click on submit> enter OTAC and submit.

Yes. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AlfaPay-QR is a payment tool that lets you make payments by scanning QR code at different merchants.

It is a new digital way of making purchases and merchant payments using any of your Bank Alfalah Accounts, Credit Card, Wallets & Orbits.

Each transaction limit of AlfaPay is PKR 10,000 however the daily limit is as per your Alfa package.

There is no additional fees on AlfaPay-QR.

You can use AlfaPay wherever you see the Masterpass QR button/sticker. You can also click here to see a list of outlets

AlfaPay lets you tag your phone for instant payments with out the need to login. Your default payment option will be automatically selected

If your authorization mode is AlfaPay PIN then you would need a 4 digit pin to perform AlfaPay transactions prior to login.

Your password or AlfaPay PIN is required to authorize any transaction using your smartphone. You can also deactivate your phone tagging by signing in from another device.

You can view transaction details on AlfaPay for up to 30 days.

Dear Customer, please note that if you have registered on Alfa or Bank Alfalah Internet Banking during the time period of March-October 2020 then you will have to get your Biometric verification done from the nearest Bank Alfalah branch to transact as per your opted package limit.

FAQ’s – Raast

Raast is an instant payment system that will allow you to Send Money quickly, securely and easily via Raast ID and IBAN.

Your Raast ID is your mobile number which can be linked to your desired BAFL account

You can receive funds by sharing your IBAN or Raast ID. To receive funds on Raast ID, you must first register/link your Raast ID with your BAFL account.

You can send money by input of IBAN. To send money to Raast ID, receiver must register their Raast ID.

You can register your Raast ID by clicking on Raast ID from the side menu. In Register/Re-link tab, select an account to link with your Raast ID. Once, registration/re-linking is completed, you can start receiving funds via your mobile number.

You can re-link your Raast ID by clicking on side menu > Raast ID.
In Register/Re-link tab, simply select any of your listed account to re-link.

You can temporarily stop receiving of funds on Raast ID by de-linking your Raast ID by clicking on Side menu > Raast ID

In De-link tab, simply switch toggle off to de-link the linked account

To delete your Raast ID, please contact our call centre at 111-225-111

Select Send Money> Raast Payment. Select From Account, Raast Beneficiary Type> IBAN, select already added payee or input 24 digit alphanumeric code

Select Send Money> Raast Payment. Select From Account, Raast Beneficiary Type> Raast ID, select already added payee or input 11 digit mobile number as 03xx.

Currently, transactions via Raast Payment are free of cost

Each transaction for Raast Payment is PKR 10,000, however the daily limit is per your Alfa package.

Select My Payees, scroll down to Create New Payee, select Raast from slider and input IBAN or Raast ID to create payee.