Roshan Pension PlanRoshan Pension Plan

Roshan Pension Plan

The Roshan Pension Plan (RPP) is a voluntary pension scheme run by a Pension Fund Manager who manages the voluntary contributions made by a participant, whether employed or not, or by an employer on his behalf. Roshan Pension Plan is a saving mechanism for overseas Pakistanis where they can save for their secured future. Individuals can save a portion of their current income to retain financial security after retirement.

RPP is a steady income given to a retired person. It is a saving, or a contribution, which is collected during the working life of a Roshan Digital Account holder and invested for profit. After the opted retirement date, the account holder is entitled to a steady monthly income from a fund built up from the earlier savings.


  • Age Limit: 18 years to 70 years
  • Minimum Amount: PKR 10,000


  • Sales Load Fee waived off
  • Market Driven Rate of Return
  • Monthly E-Statements
  • Takaful Coverage