Goal-Based Saving FAQ’sGoal-Based Saving FAQ’s

Goal-Based Saving FAQ’s

With Goal-Based saving, you can easily save towards your goals. First you set any desirable goal on Alfa for example Car, Bike, Child education, Hajj, Umrah, Vacations etc, then you enter a goal amount which is required to complete your goal, you select the duration to complete the goal and Alfa automatically deducts payments from your account with its Auto debit feature to help you complete the goal. Furthermore, you get free reminders of your payments due. 100% free insurance coverage is also given to customers for their remaining instalments of the goal.

You can create multiple goals and easily track their completion/ remaining instalments and manage them accordingly.

Upon permanent disability or in case of death, remaining amount for the goal up to Rs 500,000 is insured.

All accounts available in Alfa except for credit card, debit card and orbit.

No limit, but the sum of all the goals should not be greater than 500,000.

With auto debit, your goal instalment payments are deducted automatically from your account based on your payment details. No manual payments are required

Modified name can be created by selecting others and Max length is 24 character including space

Amount of at least first instalment of the goal should be in customer’s account for goal creation

Amount of at least the next instalment amount should be maintained at all times during the goal tenure.

You can deposit money in your wallet account through FT/IBFT, or by depositing money through any Bank Alfalah branch, Easypaisa or Jazzcash agent.

Yes. You can top up your instalment payments from “Goal tracker” section to early complete a goal.

Upon successful completion of the goal, the entire goal amount collected will be credited back in your account.