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Introducing Pakistan’s most smart and innovative online payment processing solution. You can collect your payments online easily & securely from anywhere in Pakistan through Alfa Payment Gateway.

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Why choose Alfa Payment Gateway

As a Merchant you can avail the following benefits:

Signup digitally

Instant merchant account

Integration plugins available

Market competitive pricing by a mile

Multiple Payment modes


Extensive reporting

Online management of refunds and chargebacks through merchant portal

Merchant financing and other banking services available

Pay by Link (No integration needed, ideal for Merchant’s without a website/app)

No Setup or Annual Fee

Sign up digitally and start collecting payments instantly

Payment Options

We are offering the following modes:

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    Alfa Wallet

    Customers can pay directly through their Alfa Wallet Account. There are 1.6 Million active Alfa Wallets as of now

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    Bank Alfalah Account

    Any Bank Alfalah Account holder can pay online. Currently there are 1.7 Million Bank account Customers

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    Credit/Debit Card

    Customers can make payment through Visa or Mastercard Credit/Debit Card. We support both local and international cards

How to Pay via Alfa Payment Gateway

This Video tutorial will help you understand how APG works

Pricing and Settlement Timeline

Payment Mode Settlement with Bank Alfalah Settlement with Other Bank Account Settlement Time
Alfa Wallet 0% 1% 3 Days
Alfalah Bank Account 0% 1% 3 Days
Credit/Debit card 2.5% 3% 3 Days
  • Rates subject to merchant’s Volume
  • Settlement time 3 Working days only
  • Charges apply on transaction basis only
  • Charges apply to Merchant only
  • Charges are exclusive of FED
  • Charges are subject to the settlement mode selected by merchant
  • ** For best rates, choose Alfa wallet or Alfalah bank account as settlement account

Integration With Alfa Payment Gateway

Integration Tools

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    API integration for Alfa Wallet & Bank Account

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    Redirect to Alfa Payment Gateway secure payment page for all payment modes

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    Hosted Checkout (Coming Soon)

    Payment checkout for within merchant website or in-app payment collection.

Integration Tools




Custom Code


Integration Plugins
Plugins Available: WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify.

Pay By Link

Merchants who do not have a website/app or those selling through Instagram/Facebook, Bank Alfalah brings to you the Pay By Link feature to help you collect your online payments without having any integration or website in place.

How to use it?

  • Go to Alfa Payment Gateway merchant portal and sign in
  • Using the Pay by Link module either generate a payment link or invoice
  • Send the payment link to your customer manually or let our system sent it on auto for you
  • Customer will receive the link on his email and simply clicks on it to complete payment
  • Customer will get a successful payment notification and you will be able to see the payment status in transaction history of merchant portal

Merchant Signup

Any business in Pakistan can sign up digitally and get a merchant account instantly and start collecting payments online. Alfa Payment Gateway is designed to cater the needs of all types of businesses from large enterprises to SME’s, individuals and sole proprietors.

You can choose between the following merchant accounts:

Instant Merchant Account

  • Instant Account Creation
  • Ideal for small and medium businesses
  • Applicable to Individual and Sole proprietors
  • PKR 500,000 monthly volume processing limit upon BVS

Corporate Merchant Account

  • Standard documentation process
  • Account creation takes few weeks
  • Ideal for enterprises
  • Applicable to registered entities
  • No limits on volume processing