Frequently Asked Questions

Chip cards are regular plastic credit, debit and pre-paid cards with an embedded microchip. The chip contains information that is encrypted and generates dynamic values for each transaction, making it harder for a criminal to copy or counterfeit the card and, therefore, less attractive to steal, providing greater security and peace of mind. A chip card also has a magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

Yes, Visa chip cards provide a higher level of security when used at a chip-reading terminal, because the technology in the chip makes it difficult to copy or counterfeit.

When you receive your new card you will see a small gold shaped square on the top left hand side of your card

Yes, you can still make purchases as you always have — by entering the card number or swiping your card at merchant locations that do not yet have chip readers. You can also continue to use your card for online payments and at ATMs.

we will be happy to issue a new card with the chip, however a card replacement fee will apply.

“One Time Chip Issuance Fee” would be applicable when a Chip Card is issued. The amount payable would reflect on the customer billing statement.
Rs.500 for Classic Card
Rs.750 for Gold Card
Rs.1000 for Platinum Card

If at any time, you face a problem regarding your Alfalah VISA Card, please call our 24-Hour Phone Banking Service 111-225-111 or for Visa Platinum or Titanium at 0800-22225; or write directly to 23-H, Gulberg II, Lahore.

Yes, all supplementary cards would also be charged a chip issuance fee in addition to the basic cardholder. For example: If a Classic cardholder with two supplementary cards is issued chip cards, The Basic account holder would be charged Rs.500/per card. The total fees applied would be Rs.1500 in this case.

No. One time chip fee will only be charged the first time you are issued a chip card.

One time chip fee will only be applied if it is the first time you are being issued a Chip Card. If a replacement is requested “Card replacement fee” would apply.

The following are different scenarios to levy service charges on the monthly bill statement.

Cash Advance / BTF: Bank Alfalah cardholders can avail our Cash Advance Facility up to 50% of their credit limit. Bank Alfalah also offers an easy and convenient way to settle their payments on all their existing credit cards with our Balance Transfer Facility (BTF). The service charges on both the aforementioned facilities are taken from the date of transaction (the customer is either a Transactor (explained below) or Revolver (explained below)).

Example: If a customer avails cash advance or BTF of Rs.10,000 on 01-1-2008 and pays the entire Rs. 10,000 on 06-1-2008, he /she will also be charged with a 5 day service charge on Rs. 10,000. In case of partial payment, please see the details under the heading Revolver.

Transactor: Transactions other than cash advance / BTF and fees are called retail transactions. Transactor is the cardholder who pays off all his/her liabilities (mentioned in monthly statement) within the due date and no services charges is levied on such an account.

Example: If a cardholder shops for Rs.10,000 in a month and pays the entire amount of Rs.10,000 within the due date, being the Transactor no service charges will be imposed, if there is no BTF and cash transactions / Call & Pay.

Revolver: Revolver is a cardholder who make minimum (5% of outstanding) or less than full payment. For a first time revolver, service charges will be levied on all transactions appearing in the current statement and previous month’s statement from the date of the transactions. For a second time revolver, service charges will be levied on the balance carried forward from the billing cycle date and on all transactions from transactions dates appearing in the statement. Any SBS installment will be treated as a retail transaction and services charges will be levied.

Example: If a cardholder shops for Rs.10,000 in a month and pays Rs.5,000 by the due date, the Bank will first charge him/her on Rs.10,000 till the date of partial payment i.e Rs.5,000. And from the date of partial payment onward, charges will be on remaining Rs. 5,000.

SBS/Installment Plan: Bank Alfalah cardholders can convert any transaction with the amount of Rs.3,000/- and above to a step by step (SBS) payment plan. It gives the cardholder the flexibility to convert his/her large payments into small-equally monthly installments. The customer is billed with principal and service charges separately on every month.

Your credit limit is the maximum amount of credit approved in writing by Alfalah VISA. It is the amount that can be accessed through your credit card account. It also appears on your monthly statement.

The credit limit assigned to you is based on your income, net worth and credit worthiness determined from the information provided by you to us.

The minimum amount payable by you is 5% of the outstanding balance, or the minimum payment amount appearing on your card statement.

You can make your monthly payments by:
1. Paying cash over the counter at any Bank Alfalah branch.
2. Sending a cheque / pay order/draft in the name of Bank Alfalah Credit Cards by mail or through the Drop Box at Bank Alfalah Branches. Charges will be charged on all cheques that are returned unpaid. Please indicate your name and card number on the reverse side of the cheque.
3. Auto debit for Bank Alfalah Customers (minimum balance or the total amount).

You can inform us of your new mailing address by either sending a signed written request to Bank Alfalah Credit Cards, or by sending us the completed address change form on the reverse side of your monthly statement.

If at any time, you face a problem regarding your Alfalah VISA Card, please call our 24-Hour Phone Banking Service 111-225-111 or for Visa Platinum or Titanium at 0800-22225; or write directly to Bank Alfalah Consumer Finance Division, 23-H, Gulberg II, Lahore.

If your Card is lost or stolen, please report it to our 24-Hour Phone Banking Service immediately.

If you notice any error or discrepancy in your monthly statement, report the matter to our 24-Hour Phone Banking Service immediately and confirm it in writing to our Customer Services within 7 days of your statement receiving date. In order to check statement entries and keep track of all your transactions, retain all your sales slips and printed receipts. You can also download the dispute form and send it on after proper filing & duly signed.

Yes, in case of medical emergencies or travel purposes you can exceed your assigned credit limit with the prior approval of the Bank. In case, you exceed the limit without the Bank’s prior approval, your card will be subject to Excess Limit Charges as per the Schedule of Charges.