Alfalah PayPak Classic Debit Card

Alfalah PayPak Classic Debit Card is locally accepted. The Card is welcomed at all locations displaying the PayPak/1Link/MNet logos on POS terminals. This includes up to 27,000 major establishments in Pakistan. Alfalah PayPak Classic Debit Card can be used to pay for shopping, meals, travel, entertainment, holiday, fuel etc. They are also up to 8,000 ATMs to withdraw cash from your available Bank Account balance. By getting Alfalah PayPak Classic Debit Card, you can access your account at Bank Alfalah from anywhere in Pakistan.

Features & Benefits

The Alfalah PayPak Classic Debit Card offers following key benefits:

  • Avail unlimited access to your account nationwide with a simple swipe
  • Enjoy complete freedom of cash withdrawal and payments wherever you are
  • Local Acceptability
  • No minimum income required

Card Limits

S.No Type Limits (PKR)
1 Purchase or POS Transactions 50,000
2 ATM Withdrawal 50,000
2 Funds Transfer 250,000
Reach someone helpful 24/7111-225-111