Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card


Welcome to the world of Bank Alfalah MasterCard Optimus Credit Card, which is a unique proposition perfectly, designed for the young at heart!

Now live, own, and enjoy your life the way you want. The new Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card empowers you to enjoy your life to the fullest! Be it eating out, shopping, traveling, or wishing to make merry, the all-new Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card provides you a whole lot more ways than you can imagine with enthralling welcome offers, 50% cashback on subscriptions and an irresistible 0% Balance Transfer Facility which provides the exclusivity of being part of the Bank Alfalah Credit Card family. Not only this, but enjoy from a range of Mastercard Priceless Specials which offers a unique and youthful experience!

Welcome Offer

Cashback on Netflix Subscription

Sit, relax, and enjoy a full cinematic experience from anytime and anywhere by subscribing to a Netflix streaming service using your Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card and availing a cashback of up to 50% on a one-time subscription.

Both Basic and Supplementary Cardholders can subscribe to any of the plans offered by Netflix Pakistan within three months of card acquisition and continue using it for at least three months to be eligible for a one-time cashback with the maximum capping of PKR 750. Cashback shall be credited to customers at the end of three months.

So watch a variety of award-winning TV shows, feature films, movies, documentaries, and much more from across the globe on an unlimited number of devices while saving more!

0% BTF Offer

Now you can free yourself from your financial burdens by transferring your other bank’s credit card loan at zero% markup charges for a maximum of three months. This offer will help to pay your debts faster by saving you from incurring the additional interest amount.

This welcome offer can only be availed within the first three months of card acquisition and is only valid for the subsequent three months. Enjoy 0% BTF with no processing fees as well.

Joining Bonus

Bank Alfalah MasterCard Optimus is equipped with Bank Alfalah Orbit Rewards that reward you on your entire banking experience. Bank Alfalah Optimus rewards 250 Orbits as a welcome token upon signing-up and activating your new Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card

Accelerated Orbits – Foreign Currency & E-commerce

Not only can you earn 250 Orbits upon signing-up and activating your new Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card, but you also receive Orbits on every transaction that you do on your card. Where local spending will enable you to earn a single Orbit, foreign currency or e-commerce transactions are eligible for accelerated points. Each point is equivalent to PKR 1.

Spend in Amount Orbits
Local Currency 200 1
Foreign Currency 200 2
E-commerce Transaction 200 2

Deals & Discount Offers

We have partnered with the very best in Pakistan to bring you incredible offers and discounts of up to 40% on your favorite dining outlets, apparel & lifestyle brands, travel partners, health and fitness gyms/clubs, recreational facilities, and services. To find out the list of alliances, visit or call our contact center.

Travelling Benefits

Airport Lounges

Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card holders can enjoy access to the following lounges:

  1. CIP Lounges in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad
  2. Majestic Lounge in Karachi at Jinnah International Airport
  3. Bank Alfalah Premier Lounge in Karachi at Jinnah International Airport, Domestic Terminal

You are only required to present your card at the respective lounge to enjoy a comfortable environment, relaxing seating arrangement, Wi-Fi & Internet facilities, business services, a free buffet of snacks & beverages, and a 24-hour full-service information desk.

Access to airport lounge services are subject to certain terms and conditions which can be amended from time to time. For complete offer details, visit

Travel Rewards

Our exclusive travel desk facility will make traveling more effortless than before. You only need to call at our helpline to buy tickets, book hotels, or upgrade your traveling class. You can either redeem your Orbits to pay for these services or charge them on your card directly. Our dedicated travel desk officers will also even assist you with Visa applications. Just pick a destination and leave the rest to us!

MasterCard Benefits

You can attain the trendy lifestyle you desire with MasterCard benefits, protection, and privileges.

International Airport Lounge

You can access international lounges with the Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card. You can avail free business facilities such as emails, internet, conference space, refreshment, snacks, etc. Terms and conditions of MasterCard and respective lounge shall apply.

Optimus Mastercard cardholders can avail these lounge benefits facilitated by the Mastercard Airport Pass MEA, a Mobile Application and Web Solution, powered through Mastercard’s new lounge partner DragonPass. The cardholder can register their eligible Mastercard card and display their digital membership number at the lounge reception and gain access. The fulfillment method will be completely digitized as cardholders will not be required to present their card.

The mobile app can be downloaded via this link, Discount

With hundreds of thousands of properties in over 200 countries and territories, provides incomparable choices. Now when you pay for your next vacation with your Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card, you can enjoy up to a 10% discount off the price of your booking for selected properties. MasterCard promo code will appear along with eligible properties. The discount only applies to one room per booking.
To avail this offer, visit and apply the promo code MASTERCARDMEA upon checkout with your card. Cashback seamlessly connects millions of travelers to memorable experiences, a variety of transportation options, and incredible places to stay – from homes to hotels, and much more. is available in 43 languages and offers over 6.2 million homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay. Now when you pay for your next vacation with your eligible Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card you can enjoy up to 10% cashback into your card when making a booking.

Simply register on and make a booking. Enter an eligible MasterCard card details upon checkout. (Please note that the cashback will be credited to your card. The cashback time may vary as per the T&Cs).

Discounted chauffeur rides with Careem

Now when you travel across countries in the Middle East with Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card, you can enjoy 20% off on three rides every month. To enable the discount, enter promo code MASTERCARD when booking.
Disclaimer: These offers are managed by MasterCard and can be discontinued without giving prior intimation.

Features & Benefits

Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card carries the MasterCard logo, hence ensuring worldwide acceptability at more than establishments worldwide and establishments in Pakistan.

Our ongoing SBS instalment Plan promotions allow you to purchase countless home and lifestyle products through your Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card and repay the transaction amount in Equal Monthly instalment (EMI). You can chose tenures of 3,6,12,18,24,30 and 36 months for repayment.Click Here for our ongoing instalment Plan offerings.

You can convert any of your retail transaction of Rs. 3,000 and above into an instalment Plan. A booking fee as per the prevailing Schedule of Charges (Click Here to download) is applied on every transaction converted into an instalment Plan. You can also avail the option of BTF on an instalment Plan, whereby you can pay off your other Credit Cards through your Bank Alfalah Credit Card and pay back in equal monthly instalments at a lower markup.

Bank Alfalah Optimus Mastercard’s cash advance facility allows you to withdraw instant cash from any Bank Alfalah branch across Pakistan and at any ATM worldwide displaying the MasterCard and 1link logo.

The service charges for cash advance will be applied from the day of the transaction. A cash advance fee will also apply for each cash withdrawal.

You can be rest assured that if you lose your Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card, you have nothing to worry about! Bank Alfalah covers you from all fraudulent charges made on your card as soon as you report it lost to us. So make sure that you report the loss immediately after such an incident at 111-225-111. We assure you that with your Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card, you are completely secure against loss and theft.

With Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card you have the option of paying only 5% of your outstanding balance by the payment due date. Service charges will be levied on the balance unpaid spending and carried forward. These charges are calculated on a daily basis from the transaction date for all cash and retail transactions. The following month you have the option of either the full amount payment or if you wish, pay only the minimum amount due and revolve again.

You can share the benefits and privileges of your Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card with your loved ones. We offer you up to 6 supplementary cards. Any individual with a minimum age of 13 years is eligible to become a supplementary cardholder.

To provide you a greater sense of security and peace of mind, your Bank Alfalah Card is embedded with Contactless as well as Chip & PIN technology that is accessible at a growing network of merchants.

With Chip & PIN technology, you can now shop in confidence as it provides an added level of security through the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is known only to you.

Contactless technology is a secure and convenient way to pay for small value purchases at participating merchants where the contactless logo is visible. It will enable you to experience the following benefits:

  • Speed – Enjoy the life in the fast lane by making your purchases in just a few seconds
  • Convenience – Tap to pay at merchants, including convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.
  • Transactional Security – Latest encryption technology on the card protects your payment information at POS terminal

By simply calling our 24 hour our Phone Banking at 111-225-111, you can avail the following facilities on your Bank Alfalah Mastercard Optimus Credit Card, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Check account details of your credit card statements
  • Avail Balance Transfer Facility
  • Avail instalment Plan facility
  • Pay your utility and mobile bills
  • Redeem your accumulated orbits against selection of your product from our rewards catalogue
  • Activate ongoing and new Credit Card services
  • Inquire about ongoing Credit Card promotions

PKR 125,000