Bank Alfalah Tap and Pay – FAQsBank Alfalah Tap and Pay – FAQs

Bank Alfalah Tap and Pay – FAQs

Your Bank Alfalah Card now comes with contactless technology, for more convenient transactions. Contactless transactions do not require you to swipe your credit card or enter your PIN code (unless above the payment threshold) into the POS machine, thus allowing you to make payments faster and easier as well as reducing the need for you to carry cash.

Contactless technology also allows you keep your card more secure as it never has to leave your hand when making a payment at the POS machine.

Contactless payments are easy. Customers simply tap their contactless card on the POS terminal. They are fast and convenient to use in places where customers need to pay on the go.

You can make a contactless transaction without PIN (for purchases up to PKR 1,500) at any merchant where the POS machine is displaying a contactless symbol.

Your new Bank Alfalah card is now enabled with Contactless technology, look for embedded sign on your Bank Alfalah Cards

  • Look for this symbol the POS machine
  • Hold your Bank Alfalah Cards in front of the contactless reader on the POS machine
  • The machine will indicate that the transaction has been processed successfully and you can remove your credit card

You should hold the contactless card to the contactless-enabled checkout terminal for 1-2 seconds.

Yes. If they don’t see the Contactless Symbol, they can still use their contactless card at Chip and PIN enabled terminal by inserting their card and entering PIN. Bank Alfalah Cards are enabled with both Chip & PIN as well as Contactless technology.

Yes, contactless cards can be used on all Contactless enable terminals within or outside Pakistan.

If you have lost your card or suspect unauthorized activity on your account, contact at 111 225 111

No. The technology behind tapping to pay requires the merchant to initiate the payment. Next, the contactless card must be tapped or held within 1 – 2 inches of the contactless-enabled terminal in order for a transaction to take place.

Contactless card is simple and convenient, merchants that accept contactless do not require you to sign for small purchases (PKR 1,500 or below). However, for your protection, purchases over PKR 1,500 generally require a signature or PIN.

Yes, it is now mandatory to issue a 4-digit PIN at the time of card activation for Credit Card. In case of debit cards, it was already mandatory in order to be used at ATM.

If it is a transaction at contactless terminal, PIN shall only be required upon a transaction of PKR 1,500* and above (this limit shall vary from bank to bank).

If the POS machine is enabled for PIN authentication, you will need to enter your card PIN to complete the transaction.

Yes, ATM PIN and your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) required for POS transactions are same.