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FAQ’s – Alif

A carded mobile account is an easy to use actual bank account, available for subscribers to access from their own mobile phones at any time. Subscribers can use their mobile accounts for bill payments, money transfer and a whole host of new services from their own mobile phones anywhere anytime. They also get a UnionPay International branded card for purchases at the point of sale or withdrawal through ATMs both locally and internationally.

Anyone with a valid and original Nadra CNIC can sign up for a mobile account.

You can register for a mobile account from any of the Bank Alfalah Branchless Banking Agents, the Alfa App and selected Bank Alfalah Branches nationwide. All you need to have is a valid and original NADRA CNIC.

As per State Bank of Pakistan rules, there can be only one mobile account per product per customer.

Mobile account encompasses the highest level of security which is commensurate to that of an ATM PIN. Each mobile account has a 4 digit secret PIN code which is required for each transaction. All transactions from the mobile account are encrypted for security purposes.

In this case, the customer needs to call the customer helpline to log a request for PIN reset. After successful verification, a link for creation of a new PIN will be sent to the customer so that the customer can create his own PIN.

No, the customer’s mobile account is never compromised because the mobile account cannot be used without the customer’s secret PIN. The customer should call the helpline and log a request for blocking the stolen SIM with his Network provider. After verification from the customer, the SIM will be blocked by its respective Telecom operator. The customer can then collect a replacement SIM from any customer care center or franchise of the Telecom operator and continue using his mobile account.
Even though the Mobile wallet is not compromised, it is recommended that customer should reset his/her wallet PIN.

Yes, by following the normal routine process.

Currently, following services are being offered through a mobile account:

  • Utility bill payment
  • Money transfers to another mobile account
  • Money transfers to a CNIC (over the counter)
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Postpaid bill payments
  • Top ups

Mobile Account can be opened on biometric (finger print) verification as well and, therefore, you can register without a photograph.

No, you cannot register without a CNIC.

No, verification through original CNIC is required at the time of registration.

No, registration requires an original and valid CNIC.

No, registration requires an original and valid CNIC.

No, you can continue to use your old SIM.

For level 0 customers: Rs. 25,000.
For level 1 customers: Rs. 50,000

For level 0 customers: Rs. 40,000.
For level 1 customers: Rs. 80,000

For level 0 customers: Rs. 200,000.
For level 1 customers: Rs. 800,000

  • Cash deposits
  • Transfer received from another bank account or mobile account
  • Transfer received from CNIC
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Transfer (sent) to another bank account or mobile account
  • Transfer (sent) to another CNIC
  • Postpaid bill payments
  • Pre-paid payments

For level 0 customers the maximum account balance is Rs. 200,000.

Yes, you can pay bills of other people from your mobile account.

Yes, you can buy Pre-paid Airtime credit for other people from your mobile account.

Your transaction cannot exceed your limits.

No, you cannot transfer money to someone without a CNIC.

Call the helpline (021 111 225 229) for instructions.

No, there will be no interest income on balance in your mobile account.

No, zakat will not be deducted from the mobile account balance.

Yes, statement of account is available for your mobile account.

Yes, you can open a mobile account on ported-in number of any mobile network operator.

The validity period of your card is 3 years from the date of issue

Your login PIN is used to login to your mobile wallet while your ATM/ Transactional PIN is used to execute transactions on the Mobile Wallet or ATM. The dual PIN mechanism enhances the security of your Mobile Wallet.

Yes you can access your mobile wallet through any internet enabled device anywhere in the world.

No, there is no minimum balance requirement, however, zero balance account will be market dormant after 12 months of inactivity.

For complaints and Feedback

Visit: branchlessbanking
Cell: 021 111 225 229

Reach someone helpful 24/7111-225-111