Alfalah brings the most wide-ranging solution for merchants with widest variety of tools for QR payments for business. Enabling your shop to accept instant smart payments through QR, managing your everyday payments with portal, real-time reconciliation, e-shop catalogues within the app and instant financing for inventory buying with AlfaPay. All this empowers modern and faster ways to collect payments, attract customers and expand your business.
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Designed with customer experience as the key element, ALFA Pay mobile app is the perfect tool for elevation and expansion of your retail business. Alfa Pay offers multiple benefits and features for all category of merchants including financing, QR payments, e-shops and inventory management. These are available through variety of channels like the POS machine, online portal and app. With AlfaPay you can:

  • Accept QR payments for all One QR schemes
  • Generate real-time dynamic QRs
  • Share your business QR with customers
  • Create catalogues and products in your own e-shop in AlfaPay
  • Reconcile your cash and QR payments in real-time
  • Develop cash-less inventory management
  • Get Instant Merchant Financing to cater business needs


To get access, drop your request here or give us a call at 111 225 224 and we will synergize your business with our financial solutions.
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