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Women’s Services

Bank Alfalah Islamic aims to inspire, uplift, and empower all women with the provision of a complete and valuable banking experience. Our banking products and services are designed to cater to the needs of all women including students, housewives, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, senior citizens, etc.

We welcome all our female customers to step into the world of discounts using Bank Alfalah Islamic Power Pack! This one of a kind product is offered for the first time in Pakistan, to empower you to enjoy unparalleled benefits and an exquisite lifestyle upon maintaining a minimum balance of Rs. 250,000 in your Islamic Account with us.

Power Pack customers can avail the POWER through the Islamic Power Pack Signature Debit Card and Alfa Islamic.

Islamic Power Pack Signature Debit Card

This Signature card is specially designed for our Islamic customers who love travelling, discounts and are willing to keep a deposit relationship with the bank. It is a top-of-the-line debit card offering with unmatched features and benefits.

  • Up to 30% off at 250+ cafés, restaurants & lifestyle partners worldwide
  • Unlimited access to 1,000+ airport lounges within Pakistan & abroad
  • Get up to12 visits at Shapes
  • Enjoy golf games at Karachi Golf Club
  • 400 bonus orbits and 0.4 orbits with every spend of PKR 50/-
  • Free Takaful coverage for ATM cash withdrawal up to PKR 25,000/-
  • Higher transactional limit to fulfill your spending needs

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Alfa Islamic

Simply download and log into Alfa Islamic with your registered Islamic account. Alfa Islamic recognizes and congratulates you on becoming a Power Pack customer that will allow you to avail:

  • Additional discounts on QR Payments through Alfa

Alfalah Islamic Auto Finance brings you customized offerings for working women. 

You can now avail multiple benefits including:

  • Discounted Pricing
  • Discounted Takaful rates
  • 25% waiver in processing charges
  • 25% waiver in early termination charges*
  • Quick processing 

*Not exceeding Rs 250,000

Empowering women to build their own home!

Bank Alfalah Islamic offers Home Musharakah to working women with multiple benefits including:

  • Discounted Pricing – 1 Year KIBOR +2.75%
  • 25% waiver in processing charges
  • 25% waiver in early termination charges
  • Quick processing

To empower the female entrepreneurs, Bank Alfalah Islamic brings the Islamic Refinance & Credit Guarantee Scheme, that would help them grow their business to new heights. Financing is available for setting up of new businesses or expansion of existing ones.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only women owned small /medium businesses are eligible under the scheme 
  • Bank will approve the financing limits of eligible customers (women owned SMEs) keeping in view their financing requirements, cash flows, repayment capacity and risk profile. 
  • Financing under the scheme will be provided to women entrepreneurs preferably under the personal guarantee of the customer itself.

Key Features:

  • Highly Subsidized rates of up to 5% p.a.
  • Financing Limit up to PKR 5 Mn
  • Flexible Financing Tenor up to 5 years

We are enabling women to lead the way forward by extending an easy, seamless, and Shariah-compliant savings product for all our female customers.

All resident Pakistani females can now open a Bank Alfalah Islamic Asaan Women Digital Account within minutes through Bank Alfalah’s RAPID portal, offering an end-to-end digital account opening process.

  • Account can be opened with minimal documentation
  • No initial deposit required
  • Free First Chequebook
  • Free Takaful Coverage
  • Free Online Banking Nationwide
  • Free Internet banking / Alfa
  • Complimentary account statement semi-annually
  • Semi-annual profit disbursement

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  • Profit calculation & distribution will be as per prevailing pool management guidelines
  • This product is based on the concept of Mudarabah
  • All free services are subject to terms and conditions as per the prevailing Schedule of Charges
  • Withholding Tax and Zakat is applicable as per the existing policy of the Government

Bank Alfalah Islamic promises to make banking more secure and valuable for our female customers.

We provide FREE Takaful Coverage for Accidental Death, Permanent Disability, and Household to all Bank Alfalah Islamic Current and Savings Account holders upon maintaining a monthly average balance of Rs. 10,000/

With all these accounts, you can qualify for coverage up to PKR 2Mn for Accidental Death & Permanent Disability, up to PKR 100,000/- for Household Takaful and Mobile theft coverage of up to PKR 60,000/- as per the maintained monthly average balanced tier. In addition to this coverage, you will also get Cash Withdrawal, Wallet and Cash over the Counter Takaful Coverage. Moreover all IBG customers can now avail FREE virtual OPD consultation from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm from a panel of qualified doctors by using Salaam Takaful’s mobile application.

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The Bank is only acting as a corporate agent, Bank Alfalah Insurance Company – Window Takaful Operations is responsible for settling all customer claims as per policy.
Terms and Conditions apply. 111 225 111 |

For a truly rewarding banking experience, we offer Bank Alfalah Islamic Orbit Rewards – a dedicated loyalty program which helps you earn more points with every spend.

You can earn them on Current and Savings Accounts, Debit Cards, Car Ijarah, Home Musharakah, Investment Products, Bancatakaful, SMS alerts, e-statements and through transactions via branches, ATMs, Alfa, and internet banking, all at the same time.

Not only this, you can earn bonus orbits with every spend if you are a Power Pack customer!

And that’s not even the best part, multiple ways to earn means more Orbits to spend. Choose from a wide range of gadgets, appliances, vouchers or just pay your bills.

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All our women customers can benefit from our promising instalment based savings plan which can help them save for various personal and professional reasons including, but not restricted to, education, purchase of gadgets and appliances, entrepreneurial ventures, etc.

Watch your savings grow in a smarter, quicker and easier ways with Bank Alfalah Islamic Recurring Value Deposit & Target Savings Deposit. Our Shariah compliant instalment savings plan offer

  • Convenience of savings from PKR 2,000/-
  • Choice of instalment tenure
  • Choice of instalment frequency
  • Zero premature encashment fee
  • High Halal returns

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Buy More, Spend Less! We have a strong network of merchants nationwide enabling our customers to avail the best of deals.

Enjoy a host of dining, fashion, travel, lifestyle, shopping and health discounts with Bank Alfalah Islamic Debit Cards.

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