Free Accidental Death & Permanent Disability, Household, Cash Withdrawal, Wallet and Cash over the Counter Takaful Coverage Plan

Bank Alfalah Islamic is offering FREE Takaful Coverage for Accidental Death, Permanent Disability and Household with all Bank Alfalah Islamic Current and Savings Accounts upon maintaining monthly average balance of Rs. 10,000. With all these accounts, you can qualify for coverage up to PKR 2Mn for Accidental Death & Permanent Disability and up to PKR 100,000 for Household Takaful as per the maintained monthly average balanced tier. In addition to this coverage, you will also get Cash Withdrawal, Wallet and Cash over the Counter Takaful Coverage with your Alfalah Islamic Debit Card!
The program envisages provision of Takaful Coverage in the events of:

  • Accidental Death
  • Total Permanent Disability of the accountholder
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal & Over the Counter Takaful against the risk of snatching / armed hold up / forced deprivation of cash.
  • Loss of Personal Documents (CNIC, Passport & Driving License only)
  • Household Comprehensive Takaful

Eligibility Criteria

All Individual and Joint, Rupee and Foreign Currency transactional accounts (Qard & Mudarabah based deposits), active and dormant, shall be automatically enrolled in the scheme from the date of its launch [..]

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Coverage Limits

Personal Accident Takaful cover for all Individual / Joint Accountholders of the bank in respect to Accidental Death up to the limit herein defined only […]

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Takaful Claims

The Successor should contact the designated branch within one month of the Accident, otherwise claim will not be entertained […]

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The Bank is only acting as a corporate agent, Alfalah Insurance Company – Window Takaful Operations is responsible for settling all customer claims as per policy.

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