IGI Life-WTO Zeenat Takaful PlanIGI Life-WTO Zeenat Takaful Plan

IGI Life-WTO Zeenat Takaful Plan

We stand with you, no matter what role you play.

Be it entrepreneur, a mother or a daughter, we understand your needs. With that in mind, we present IGI Life-WTO Zeenat Takaful Plan -designed exclusively for you with IGI Life – Window Takaful Operations. This is a takaful plan that is tailored to meet your needs. The plan allows you to invest for yourself or your loved ones and secure a bright future no matter what comes.

The plan is being offered by IGI Life – Window Takaful Operations and has been exclusively designed for Bank Alfalah customers. It is only available through Bank Alfalah’s branches.

Features and Benefits

  • All your contributions are invested as per your chosen strategy (ies). This means at the time of maturity of the plan you get the entire participant investment account value (PIA value) accumulated during the term of the plan.
  • The Plan is flexible and gives you the option to select the sum cover of your choice.
  • In case of demise of the participant during the term of the plan, her beneficiaries will be entitled to the sum cover or the PIA value, whichever is higher. You can determine the sum cover by multiplying your annualized basic contribution amount by the selected cover multiple (offered from 5 to 30)* depending on your savings, takaful needs and age.
  • *For example, if your annual basic contribution is PKR 100,000 and you have selected a cover multiple of 10, your total sum cover would be 100,000 x 10 = PKR 1,000,000.
  • Your contributions will be invested in the fund(s) according to the strategy (ies) of your choice (Aggressive / Balanced / Conservative) which are managed by expert investment managers in order to ensure optimized returns with manageable risk exposure.
  • In spouse coverage; if selected, it provides coverage to the spouse of the member as per the terms and conditions of the membership.

Payment Frequency

The minimum basic annual contribution is PKR 25,000. The contributions can be made on Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly basis.

Note: For a better understanding in making your selection according to your savings and takaful needs, you may contact representatives at your nearest Bank Alfalah Limited branch.


The plan is available to all Bank Alfalah Limited customers between 18 to 65 years of age.

Term of Plan

The minimum membership term is 10 years subject to a maximum attained age of 85 years.


Following are the requirements for Claims settlement:

  • Claimant’s Statement to be completed and signed by you : Download the form from the this link
  • Physician’s Statement to be filled by the Physician who treated/attended the deceased : Download the form from the this link
  • Original Union Council Death Certificate which will be returned to you OR copy duly attested by Union Council
  • Copy of hospital death certificate
  • Original Policy Document
  • All previous and current medical treatment record of deceased
  • Copies of CNIC’s of Beneficiary & Deceased
  • Copy of FIR/Police Report duly attested by the issuing authority (In case of accident)
  • Copy of Post Mortem Report duly attested by the issuing authority (In case of accident)

Note: Further requirements can be asked for depending on the case.

A claim is settled as soon as requirements to the satisfaction of IGI Life Window Takaful Operations are submitted at its Head Office (IGI Life Insurance Limited, The Forum, 7th Floor, Suite No 701-713, Khayaban-e-Jami, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi 75600, Pakistan)

Free Look Period

If you cancel your membership within a free look period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the Participant’s Membership Document (PMD), you are entitled for a full refund of contribution less any expenses incurred by IGI Life WTO in connection with your medical or clinical examinations.


IGI Life-WTO Zeenat Takaful Plan is underwritten by IGI Life – Window Takaful Operations. It is not guaranteed or covered by Bank Alfalah Limited or its affiliates.

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Apply Now Or you can apply for IGI Life-WTO Zeenat Takaful Plan at the branch.