Alfalah Islamic Recurring Value DepositAlfalah Islamic Recurring Value Deposit

Alfalah Islamic Recurring Value Deposit

With Alfalah Islamic Recurring Value Deposit, you can now have a long-term low risk and high return savings avenue with flexible payment options and affordable installment amounts starting from just Rs. 2000! You can save from your monthly income and receive halal profits* plus the principal amount at the time of maturity.

Eligibility Criteria All Individual Bank Alfalah Islamic Current and Saving Accountholders
Instalment Frequencies Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual instalment plans available
Minimum Deposit Monthly – PKR 2,000/-

Quarterly – PKR 6,000/-

Semi-Annually – PKR 12,000/-

Annually – PKR 24,000/-


Instalment in multiples of PKR 2,000 only.

Tenures Available Minimum of 3 years to up to maximum of 10 Years
Product Features
  • Profit-bearing single tiered term deposit
  • Multiplied returns through daily profit calculation and monthly accumulation in the principal.
  • Profit disbursement at maturity
  • Zero premature encashment fee
  • Re-investment options with different installment plans available upon maturity.
  • Multiple deposits can be booked at a single time.
Missed Installments Not being able to pay the installment until the 10th working day of the month when due, will violate the contract and the product will be liquidated automatically. In such cases the customer will be returned the accumulated balance and the profit as per latest declared rates
Additional Benefits On maintaining, an average monthly balance of PKR 10,000/- in your checking account, get free accidental death and permanent disability takaful coverage of up to PKR 2 Million.

On maintaining a minimum monthly average balance of PKR 1m or equivalent FCY deposit in current/savings/term deposit accounts, avail numerous free services as per our preferred banking services.

Underlying Principle This product is based on the concept of Mudarabah


  • Profit calculation & distribution will as per prevailing pool management guidelines
  • All the free services are subject to the terms and conditions as per prevailing Schedule of Charges
  • Withholding Tax and Zakat is applicable as per existing policy of Government

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