Fast Track & Customised SolutionsFast Track & Customised Solutions

Fast Track & Customised Solutions

Bank Alfalah Islamic understands the complexity of business operations, therefore in addition to the individual Shari’ah compliant products we offer fast track credit & product customised solutions for our SME customers.

a. Alfalah Islamic Karobar Finance

Alfalah Islamic Karobar Finance offers our valuable customers bundle of short term finance facilities such as Murabaha, Istisna and Tijarah, LC & Exports. These facilities can be utilised in various ways, from manufacturing and purchasing of raw materials and assets to financing liquidity requirements.

b. Alfalah Islamic Milkiat Finance

Alfalah Islamic Milkiat Finance shall be provided through Diminishing Musharakah on the basis of ‘Shirkat-ul-Milk’. This facility can be availed for the following purposes:

  • Acquisition of rented commercial/industrial property
  • Construction on owned and possessed commercial/industrial premises/plot
  • Purchase of a commercial/industrial plot for construction purposes only and construction on that land/plot
  • Renovation of owned and possessed commercial/industrial property

c. Alfalah Fleet Financing

Alfalah Islamic Fleet Financing, as a new addition to Bank Alfalah Islamic SME product suite which aims to provide Vehicle Finance Facility to SME customers. Alfalah Islamic Fleet Financing aims to provide financing facilities to SMEs for acquiring Vehicles (Passenger / Commercial) to meet their transport requirements and to provide mobility.

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