Alfalah Orbit Rewards FAQsAlfalah Orbit Rewards FAQs

Alfalah Orbit Rewards FAQs


Alfalah Orbit Rewards is Bank Alfalah’s loyalty program that rewards you on your entire banking relationship with us. As a customer, you can earn points on your debit card, deposit accounts, car ijarah, musharaka home finance, internet banking or mobile application, bancatakaful or an investment policy. You can also earn monthly tier awards as a multiplier on your total points earned based on the number of products you hold with us.

Your accumulated points (Orbits) can be redeemed for items from our extensive online rewards catalogue and making bill payments on internet banking & mobile application. You can even transfer Orbits to others Islamic customers.

Orbits is the name of the rewards currency or points that you can earn across various Bank Alfalah products.

All Bank Alfalah individual customers and/or sole proprietors will be eligible for Alfalah Orbit rewards.

If you are an individual customer and/or a sole proprietor who has an eligible Alfalah Orbit Rewards product, you are automatically enrolled in the program

No. Alfalah Orbit Rewards is free of charge.

A list of eligible product types is detailed below.

Product Type Islamic
Current Accounts
Current Asaan Digital Account
Current Account LCY
Basic Banking Account
Current Asaan Account
Alfalah Islamic Asaan Digital Remittance Account
Alfalah Islamic Freelancer Digital Account
Saving Accounts
Saving Asaan Digital Account
Falah Mahana Amdani
Musharaka Saving Account
Falah Classic Saving Account
Falah Business Account
Saving Asaan Account
Savings Account AIBWP
Savings Account AIBW
Alfalah Islamic Asaan Digital Remittance Account
Alfalah Islamic Freelancer Digital Account
Falah Asaan Women Digital Account
Alfalah Islamic Women Account
Debit Card
Visa Signature / PowerPack
Premier Visa Signature
Car Ijarah
Home Musharaka
Internet Banking
Alfa Mobile App
SMS Alerts (Fee Based Branch Banking SMS Alerts only)
Bancassurance All Banca policies via branches
Wealth Management All investment policies via branches

If you have eligible products from both conventional banking and Islamic banking you will simultaneously be part of two programs – Alfalah Orbit Rewards & Alfalah Orbit Rewards – Islamic. You will be able to earn Orbits independently on both products which will be pooled separately under the respective reward program.

1 Orbit is equal to Re 1/-.

Orbit points earned will remain valid for 36 months calculated from the end of the month.

Yes, Orbits will expire in 36 months. Orbits earned during January 2017 will expire on 31st January 2020.

To inquire about your available Orbits, you can logon to Internet Banking / Alfa mobile application / contact BAFL Helpline or visit ATM.

Simply sign-up for any SMS alert facility on your account and you will start receiving Orbit redemption alerts on real time basis.

If you are subscribed to the service, you will receive real-time Orbit alerts on redemptions.

In-case of any discrepancy, please contact BAFL Helpline and register a Orbit complaint at


In addition to the Orbits you earn on each product, you can earn a multiplier on the total number of Orbits earned depending on the number of products you hold with the bank. All you need is a current or saving account and a combination of 3, 6 or 9 products to earn a bonus of 25%, 50% or 100% of the total Orbits earned during a month

Tier Eligibility Benefits
Alfalah Orbit Rewards Any combination/number of product holding ineligible for upgrade Orbits awarded as per the individual product rules
Orbit 3 Current or Saving Account + any 3 eligible products 25% of accumulated Orbits earned in a month
Orbit 6 Current or Saving Account + any 6 eligible products 50% of accumulated Orbits earned in a month
Orbit 9 Current or Saving Account + any 9 eligible products 100% of accumulated Orbits earned in a month

By signing up for eligible products you can jump tier immediately. There is also no restriction in jumping from Alfalah Orbit to Orbit 6 directly on opening the right number of eligible products.

You can logon to Internet Banking / ALFA, view Orbit e-Statement or by calling the Call Center.

You will remain in the particular tier for 3 months and earn the tier multiplier during the period giving you a chance to start another relationship to maintain your tier status.

Only customer originated transactions are eligible for award. Orbits are not awarded on the following types of credit/deposit transactions:

  • Reimbursements & refunds
  • Reversal transactions
  • Adjustment credits
  • Profit disbursements
  • Funds transfer between own customer accounts
  • Term deposit liquidations into the accounts

Points will only be awarded on either or survivor accounts. Jointly held accounts where two or more signatories are required to sign for operation of account are not part of the Orbit rewards program.

If there are two joint account holders, both will be able to see Orbits earned on the joint account and any one can use them either partially or fully.

If you do 10 or more of the following type of transactions in a month, you will be awarded Orbits on ADC’s

Channel Transaction
Internet Banking/Alfa Bill Payment/Merchant Payment/Donation

Third party funds transfer


Credit card payment


You can redeem your Orbits through Bank Alfalah Internet Banking, Alfa mobile application and POS terminals

You can redeem your Orbits for the following:

  • Bill payments
  • Donations
  • Merchant payments
  • BAFL POS Machines
  • QR Payments

If you have signed up for Bank Alfalah internet banking or Alfa mobile application you can access the online Orbit rewards portal through internet banking or Alfa mobile application. If you wish to access the portal without signing up for internet banking or Alfa mobile application you can follow the simple instructions for registration on the Orbit rewards page at

If you sign up for the Orbit rewards page without registering for internet banking or Alfa mobile application, there are no charges.

If any of your relationship with the bank is blocked or inactive, Orbits earned on those products will be inaccessible till the product is active again.

Yes. You can redeem multiple items up to the worth of your Orbits.

Yes. You can use Orbits in combination with your account to make a bill payment transaction simply by selecting your primary mode of payment and then adding another payment option on internet banking and Alfa.

You will be able to redeem your Orbits at merchant outlets with Bank Alfalah POS machines. The enablement of this functionality however may vary from outlet to outlet. Please ask the merchant before making a payment if you intend to use your Orbits.


No, Orbit transfer facility has been discontinued

No, Orbit transfer facility has been discontinued

Yes. You can make one single payment by selecting a combination of Orbits and/or your bank account on internet banking and/or Alfa mobile application

Only POS Transactions are eligible for Orbits.