Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates (for Roshan Digital Account Customers)Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates (for Roshan Digital Account Customers)

Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates (for Roshan Digital Account Customers)

Bank Alfalah Islamic is proud to serve Pakistan in its growth and prosperity by facilitating Islamic Roshan Digital Account customers with this attractive investment opportunity with ease & convenience through a simple online process.

Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates (INPCs) are high-return yielding sovereign investment certificates issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for Foreign Currency Value Account holders (FCVA) and Pakistani Rupee Value Account holders (NRVA).

Along with lucrative returns for investors, these certificates also provide NRPs with an opportunity to contribute towards development of a progressive Pakistan. Customers have the option to subscribe to various tenors ranging from 3-Months to 5-Years.

Key Features

  • Denominated in PKR, USD, GBP and Euro
  • Short and long-term investment tenors of 3-Months, 6-Months, 12-Months, 3-Years and 5-Years
  • Fully and easily repatriable
  • No Zakat deduction
  • Premature encashment option (after at least one month of investment)
  • Option to raise Financing against Naya Pakistan Certificates pledged as a security.
  • Expected returns of up to 7% on USD denominated certificates and up to 11% on PKR denominated certificates

Profit Rates* (April)

Tenor USD Rate (Expected Returns) PKR Rate (Expected Returns) GBP Rate (Expected Returns) Euro Rate (Expected Returns)
3 Months 5.50% p.a 9.50% p.a 5.25% p.a 4.75% p.a
6 Months 6.00% p.a 10.00% p.a 5.50% p.a 5.00% p.a
12 Months 6.50% p.a 10.50% p.a 5.75% p.a 5.25% p.a
3 Year 6.75% p.a 10.75% p.a 6.25% p.a 5.50% p.a
5 Years 7.00% p.a 11.00% p.a 6.50% p.a 5.75% p.a

*Subject to W.H.T of 10% currently and subject to change as per the directives of SBP.

For actual rates of previous months, click here

Minimum Investment

  • USD Denominated: USD 5,000 and integral multiples of USD 1,000
  • PKR Denominated: PKR 100,000 and integral multiples of PKR 10,000
  • GBP Denominated: GBP 5,000 and integral multiples of GBP 1,000
  • Euro Denominated: Euro 5,000 and integral multiples of Euro 1,000

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  • Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates (INPCs) are sovereign investments issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on behalf of Government of Pakistan (GoP) while Bank Alfalah Islamic Limited is only acting as a distributor and sub-custodian of these certificates in Pakistan.
  • The short-term certificates of 3-Month, 6-Month and 12-Month tenors shall be zero-coupon securities on which principal and profit shall be paid either on maturity or on premature encashment. Whereas, the long-term certificates of 3-Year and 5-year tenors shall be coupon bearing securities with periodic profit payment on half-yearly intervals or as determined by SBP.
  • In case of Premature Encashment (only after at least one month of investment), rate of return payable shall be equivalent to rate of return of the nearest completed tenor. In case of encashment within 3-months of investment, no return shall be paid thereof. For further details regarding Premature Encashment, click here