RDA – Roshan Apna Ghar CalculatorRDA – Roshan Apna Ghar Calculator

RDA – Roshan Apna Ghar Calculator

*Terms & Conditions apply


  • *I/We have understood that these quoted terms are tentative and subject to Prudential Regulations of State Bank of Pakistan, satisfactory report from Credit Information Bureau and Bank Alfalah’s internal policy. Further, Bank has the right to cancel any of the quoted terms without assigning any reason.
  • For Lien-Based Product KIBOR rate (One Year) on the first day of the month will be applicable and will be revised on Facility anniversary.
  • For Non-Lien Based Product One Year Kibor + 1.5 % spread shall be applicable at the time of Facility Booking and will be revised on Facility anniversary.
  • Applicable Taxes, Levies, Transfer & Registration Charges and other such charges are not included in this Tentative Sheet and shall be applicable on actual basis or prevailing Schedule of Charges, respectively.