Alfalah Premier FCY AccountAlfalah Premier FCY Account

Alfalah Premier FCY Account

Enjoy the dual benefits of growth

Our foreign currency accounts are designed to ensure high returns and special exchange rates.

We offer the following product’s suite for your foreign currency account.

  1. FCY Current Account
    A foreign currency transactional account offering USD, EURO, GBP and Japanese Yen.
  2. FCY Savings Account
    A foreign currency savings account offering USD, EURO, GBP and Japanese Yen. It gives you the option to avail special rates on higher balances.

For any of the above accounts, if you have maintained an average monthly balance of Rs. 2 million, you can gain the following waivers*.

  • Free Cheque Book
  • Free Banker’s Cheque issuance
  • Free Banker’s Cheque cancellation
  • Free duplicate statement request
  • Free Account Maintenance Certificate
  • Free stop payment of cheque
  • Free online banking
  • Free mobile banking
  • Free SMS on every transaction
  • Free intercity clearing
  • Free intercity online transaction
  • Free Balance Confirmation Certificate
  • No account closure charges (Current Account only)
  • 50% waiver on late fee locker rental/locker rental

If your average monthly balance is maintained between Rs. 3 million and Rs. 7 million, then you can avail the following additional benefits**.

  • Free local currency cheques collection
  • Free outward remittance (TT only)
  • Free Foreign Currency Demand Draft
  • Free duplicate Banker’s Cheque
  • No locker rental
  • No late fee on locker rental

If your average monthly balance is more than Rs. 7 million, you are entitled to even more exceptional benefits***.

  • Same day clearing of cheques
  • No return charges on cheques and drafts
    (drawn on other banks)

– Terms and Conditions apply

*CA only
**CA, SA/RP, overall relationship will be applicable only if monthly average balance is Rs. 5 million and above
***CA. SA/RP, overall relationship

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