Region Identification for SMERegion Identification for SME

Region Identification for SME

With a view to effectively manage the Bank’s credit portfolio as well as to maintain a diversified portfolio, the Bank has an industry-wise exposure concentration grid which dictates target market exposure. These limits are reviewed on a regular basis. SMEs; medium-size and large entities with a satisfactory risk/return profile, offering potential to become multi-product customers – asset, cash management, and trade, are considered. Moreover, it is also ensured that a prospect(s) must be inclined towards Islamic / Riba-free banking, appreciating rather extensive documentation and processes.
For Islamic Banking, the business activities of its Customers cannot conflict with Shariah and the Bank shall not engage in financing in any economic activity prohibited by the Shariah. In case of doubt, the advice of Resident Shariah Board Member (RSBM) shall be binding.