Alfalah Islamic Premier Savings AccountAlfalah Islamic Premier Savings Account

Alfalah Islamic Premier Savings Account

Enjoy more profit and greater benefits!

Our savings accounts are designed to ensure Riba free healthy returns on your deposits based on Islamic Financing principles. They also provide you exceptional benefits and convenience in your daily transactions.
Our product suite for Islamic Premier customers caters both short and long-term requirements.

    1. Falah Classic Savings Account (Regular Savings Account)
      If you are looking for Riba free returns on your investments based on Islamic Financing principles, then Falah Classic Savings Account is best-suited for you. Profit is calculated on average balance of the month and paid semi-annually.
    2. Alfalah Islamic Business Way
      Looking for a business account that lets you decide how it operates? Open the Alfalah Islamic Business Way account. You can opt for either a deposit account or a payroll account. Alfalah Islamic Business Way is a remunerative current account based on the concept of Mudarabah.
    3. Falah Business Account
      The most important aspect of a business is that it continues to grow. And we can help you do this with the Alfalah Islamic Business Account. We understand the hassle of daily expenses. So we decided to take care of some of them for you. And that’s not all. You can also earn a monthly profit. Higher deposits will earn higher profits. All this, in accordance with Shari’ah principles.
    4. Falah Mahana Amdani Account
      Falah Mahana Amdani Account is a Shari’ah Complaint account that helps you achieve your saving goals with monthly profits. Enjoy easy access to your money and watch your savings grow. Profit is calculated on average balance of the month and paid every month.
    5. Alfalah Musharakah Savings Account
      Alfalah Musharaka Saving Account not only gives you return on your investments, but also makes your day to day business banking needs extremely convenient with a host of free banking services. Profit is calculated on average balance of the month and paid every month

By simply maintaining an average quarterly balance of PKR 3 Million, you can avail the following waivers:

  • Free Issuance of Bankers Cheque
  • Free Cancellation of Bankers Cheque
  • Free Certificate Issuance (Account maintenance + Balance Confirmation + WHT + Profit Payment, Proceed Realization, Zakat Certificate etc.)
  • Free Intercity Clearing
  • Free Intercity online transaction
  • Free Balance confirmation certificate
  • No Account closure charges
  • Free Stop Payments of Cheques
  • Free Duplicate statement request
  • Free Statement of Account
  • Free Online banking
  • Free SMS Alerts
  • Free Visa Signature Debit Card Fees (Issuance + Annual + Replacement)
  • Free Issuance of Cheque Books
  • Free Interbank online transactions
  • Free E-statements
  • Free Interbank Fund Transfer/ Internal Fund Transfer

If you are able to maintain an average quarterly balance between PKR. 5 million and PKR. 7 million.

  • Free Outward TT
  • Free FCY Demand Draft
  • Free Duplicate PO/DD’s/ Bankers Cheque
  • No Cheque Return Charges
  • Free Collection of Cheques (LCY/FCY)
  • Standing Instructions Waiver

If your average quarterly balance exceeds Rs. 7 million, you will be entitled to even more exceptional benefits, then you can avail following additional benefits:

  • Same Day Clearing of Cheques
  • No Locker Annual Fee*
  • Free Inward Remittance

*Subject to availability of Locker

  • Terms and Conditions apply
  • Items not mentioned as free will be charged as per Schedule of Charges

Currently, Islamic Premier Services are available in limited cities only.
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