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Alfalah Home Musharakah

Alfalah Home Musharakah is a Shariah Compliant housing finance solution that has been structured in a manner which ensures that the principles of Shari’ah related to Diminishing Musharakah have been strictly followed thus making it Riba-Free.

Under a Diminishing Musharakah transaction, the Bank and the customer jointly own an asset, and thereafter the bank leases its share in the asset to the customer. Moreover, the customer is required to periodically purchase the units of Bank’s share in the asset, in order to completely transfer the ownership of the asset to the customer.

With a simple housing finance solution you can avail the following:

  • Buyer
  • Builder
  • Renovation
  • Balance Transfer
  • Green Finance (Solar Energy Solutions)

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible tenures upto 25 years
  • Financing upto 80%
  • Equal Monthly Installment and Unequal Monthly Installment Unit Purchase Option
  • Co-applicant Option
  • Minimal documentation and processing fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Competitive pricing

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani (valid Computerized National Identity Card holder)
  • Minimum Age 25 years
  • At least 1 year in employment for permanent and 3 years for contractual salaried individuals
  • At least 3 years for self-employed businessperson/self-employed professionals
  • Spouse or blood relative (parents, children, siblings) are eligible as co-applicants
  • Must meet minimum income requirements

Documents Required

  • Application form
  • CNIC/NICOP copy
  • Latest 2 photographs
  • Copy of property documents to be financed
  • Latest salary slips
  • Last 6 months Personal Bank Statement (for salaried customer)
  • Last 12 months business bank statement (for self-employed)
  • Other income proof

Additional Requirement for Solar Solution Facility

Valid Quotation from Bank’s approved Solar Solution vendor

Note : Terms and Conditions apply
– Diminishing Musharakah is based on Shirkat ul Milk as per Shari’ah advise.

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