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Alfalah Bill & Cash

Alfalah Bill & Cash refers to extension of credit to vendors of large corporate/commercial/OEM entities to streamline their working capital requirements and providing them with transactional based credit facilities, thereby ensuring a smooth flow of goods through the supply chain.

Alfalah Bill & Cash focuses on lending to small & medium enterprises and emerging corporate/commercial names. The main differentiating factor here is that through this product we are financing the aforementioned target market on a ‘structured basis’ i.e. with more reliance on business structure than security structure. For example, a company acting as a vendor for a certain corporate/commercial/OEM for last 2 years and have satisfactory business relations along with recommendation letter from corporate/commercial/OEM will be entitled to avail Alfalah Bill & Cash.

Features and Benefits

Alfalah Bill & Cash is a SME product especially designed for Vendors of larger Corporate/commercial/OEM, in order to provide them need based financial solutions to increase their working capital and ability to benefit from transactional based credit facilities. Summary of key changes from other Working Capital Lines offered by the competition are given below:

  • Especially designed SME product for Venders of Corporate/commercial/OEMs
  • Prequalification/Selection of Corporate/commercial/OEM
  • Discounting of bills facility
  • Limit based on Daily turnover * Billing collection period
  • Maximum Financing of Rs 50 million
  • No formal cleanup required

Eligibility Criteria

  • Client has been in same business for at least 3 years
  • Customer has been working with its partner Corporate/commercial/OEMs entity for more than 2 year
  • Clean ECIB of customer
  • Recommendation letter from Corporate/commercial/OEMs
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