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Agri Loans

We realize the strong contribution of agriculture in our country’s economy and the growing financial needs of our farmers. Our Rural Finance Program “Alfalah Zarie Sahulat” offers finance facilities covering an entire spectrum of farming and non-farming needs with a wide range of products on flexible short, medium and long term repayment tenures at affordable markup rates.

  • Alfalah Paidawari Zarie Sahulat: Short term production loan facility against crop
  • Alfalah Musalsal Zarie Sahulat: Running finance facility for immediate working capital needs
  • Alfalah Tractor and Transport Zarie Sahulat: Financing for purchase of tractors, trolleys, pickups, motorcycles, trucks, refrigerator van, mini truck, transport machinery, country boat or other such items
  • Alfalah Machinery & Equipment Zarie Sahulat: Financing for purchase of machinery and equipment, such as combined harvester, thresher, picker, digger, trolley, planter, sowing drill, cultivator, plough, power tiller, harrow, cane crusher, tobacco curing equipment, bio gas unit, sulphuric acid generator and effective microbes technology (EMT)
  • Alfalah Aabpaash Zarie Sahulat: Financing for purchase, installation and electric charges of tube wells, turbines, lift pumps, electrical installation including cost of power lines and transformer, sprinkler, trickles and drip irrigation system
  • Alfalah Islah-e-Araazi Zarie Sahulat: Financing for land development and improvement, land leveling laser leveling, clearance of jungle, farm field layout, terracing, contouring, soil reclamation, embankment, land formation, bund construction of mini dam, check karez, water reservoir, water catchments for rain fed areas and water course
  • Alfalah Poultry Zarie Sahulat: Running finance facility for working capital and fixed investment needs such as broiler and layer production, breeder flock, GP flock, hatchery, product processing, packing, transportation, storage and compound feed making
  • Alfalah Dairy & Livestock Zarie Sahulat: Running finance facility for working capital and fixed investment needs such as dairy and milk animals, feed lot and fattening station structure and equipment, livestock farm structure and equipment, fattening of animal, milk chilling plant, milk plant, cold storage, construction of sheds for animal, opening of private veterinary clinics (veterinary equipment), opening of veterinary store, milk plant and other eligible items
  • Alfalah Fisheries Zarie Sahulat Inland: Running finance facility for working capital and fixed investment needs such as fish seed and feed, manure charges, running charges of tube well pumps, construction, excavation, expansion and rehabilitation of ponds, installation of tube wells, water channels, fencing, boats, net twine, rope, fish yards and cold storage
  • Alfalah Silos/Storage Zarie Sahulat: Running finance facility capital and fixed investment needs for construction of cold storage, godown, bins, silos, structure for storage of wheat, steel/metal capsules, hire charges for storage of raw agricultural products
  • Alfalah Marketing Zarie Sahulat: Running finance facility for the marketing,packing, processing of the produce and also for export of cotton, cotton yarn, mutton, beef, fruits, vegetables
  • Alfalah Agri Industrial Zarie Sahulat: Running finance facility for setting up seeds processing units, installation of fruit and vegetables machinery, milk chilling units, milk plants, polishing, grading, packaging of fruits and vegetables, cotton ginning factories under BMR, compound feed mills
  • Alfalah Bills / Guarantees Zarie Sahulat: Financing against agri-produce procurement receipts, purchase of bills, deferred payment leaf vouchers issued by tobacco companies and continuing guarantees
  • Alfalah Lease Zarie Sahulat: Financing for leasing tractors, tube wells, farm machinery, plants and equipment

General Documents Required

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Two Photographs of the applicant
  • Updated Zarie Pass Book and/ or other property documents relating title etc
  • Khasra Gardawri/ Field book/ DAH form VII / Land Revenue tax receipt (For farm credit only)
  • 3 years ASV (Average Sales value) from revenue office / FSV through the Bank’s approved evaluators
  • Feasibility report in case of project finance
  • Other documents if required

Terms and Conditions

  • The applicant shall be a genuine farmer/ engaged in farm and non-farm activities
  • The applicant’s name shall appear in the revenue records (In case of farm credit only)
  • The applicant shall not be a defaulter of the banking system
  • The applicant shall be able to produce proper securities / sureties
  • The applicant (individual and /or business entity) shall be a Pakistani/registered in Pakistan
  • The minimum and maximum age of the individual borrower shall be 18 years and 65 years respectively. However, the maximum age shall not exceed 70 years at the time of full adjustment of the liability. Applicants of age higher than the prescribed limit not exceeding 80 years shall provide two guarantees of credit worthy persons
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