Alfalah SME ToolkitAlfalah SME Toolkit

Alfalah SME Toolkit

Bank Alfalah is proud to be the first bank in Pakistan to introduce an SME toolkit in partnership with International Finance Corporation (IFC). It is an online business management tool dedicated to help small and medium enterprises to develop sustained growth through implementation of business practices based on information, communication and technology.

The need for supporting SMEs has never been stronger in Pakistan. Small businesses are amongst the highest with growth potential and innovation, with businessmen from all walks of life, working hard to positively impact the society and consumers with innovative products and services.

Alfalah SME Toolkit is a free of charge online portal which provides value added resources including business advice, local and global best practices and various interactive tools to help both existing and potential SMEs grow and develop. This web based toolkit contains:

  • Free downloadable and ready-to-use business formats and softwares i.e. Business Plan Maker, Free Website Builder, Accounting and Finance templates
  • A collection of How-to-articles and eLearning resources regarding various business facets i.e. Business Planning, Accounting and Finance, Human Resource, Marketing and Sales and more
  • Latest industry news and updates and economic reports

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