Alfalah Merchant LineAlfalah Merchant Line

Alfalah Merchant Line

Bank on your Alfalah POS machine

We know that meeting your daily business expense can be difficult. If you have been an Alfalah POS machine merchant for a year, and have managed at least Rs. 1 million in annual POS sales, then you qualify for Alfalah Merchant Line.

  • Alfalah Merchant Line is a business loan designed to help you meet day-to-day expenses
  • Avail a loan up to Rs. 15 million for one year, renewable at expiry
  • No collateral required of up to Rs. 5 million
  • Loan amount based on percentage of annual sales through POS
  • Monthly markup payments on utilised amount

Rates and Charges

Processing fee (Up-front with LAF): As per SOC (non-refundable)
Documents charges: Actual cost of revenue and special adhesive stamps
Legal charges: Actual & approved charges of lawyers on the Bank’s approved panel

Apply Now Or you can apply for Alfalah Merchant Line at the branch.
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