FAQ’s – Alfalah Merchant LineFAQ’s – Alfalah Merchant Line

FAQ’s – Alfalah Merchant Line

A cash flow based, running finance/term finance facility structured specially to meet working capital financing requirements of those businesses that are using our POS machines at their business premises for at least 1 year.

Minimum Rs.0.25 million
Maximum Rs.5.0 million (for clean facility)
Up to Rs.15 million(with hypothecation on receivables/stock)

Monthly markup payable within 5 days of its due date.

The pricing will be linked by 3 months KIBOR.

In case of running finance the facility is available for one year renewal at expiry and for term loan the facility is available minimum for 15 months and maximum for 5 years.

Personal Guarantee (s) of Proprietor, Partners and Directors.
Post-dated cheque covering full limit amount plus markup for three months.
Hypothecation of receivable/stock (for financing above Rs. 5.0 million).

The processing time is 7 working days from the date of receipt of complete loan application form along with required documents.

Up to Rs.4.999 million – Up to 0.23%* or a minimum of Rs. 5,500
From Rs.5M to Rs.9.999 million – Up to 0.23%* or a minimum of Rs. 11,500
From Rs.10M to Rs.15 million – Up to 0.23%* or a minimum of Rs.17,000

Customer should be using our POS machine for last one year
Annual sales through Alfalah POS machine should be Rs. 1 million and above
Merchant must have been operational for the last 3 years

Loan amount shall be based on the percentage of annual sales through POS terminal.

Maximum 57 years of age at the time of filing loan application

Renewal / Enhancement of facility shall be subject to timely repayment of principal/markup/dues and assessment of satisfactory account behavior and transactions done by the customer during validity period. Similarly at the time of renewal the turnover in account should be at least 4 times of limit assigned.