Project Financing, Expansion, BMREProject Financing, Expansion, BMRE

Project Financing, Expansion, BMRE

We offer Ijarah & Hire Purchase under Shirkatul Mielk (HPSM) – the most commonly used Islamic financing solution suitable for expansion of businesses, BMRE requirements or other medium to long-term financing requirements.

Letter of Guarantee

We offer a host of guarantees including performance, financial and payment guarantees. We also issue guarantees for securing financing facilities to be availed from other financial institutions under Islamic modes of financing.

Foreign Trade Services

We offer a wide range of trade services designed to meet a range of our corporate clients’ needs. Supported by a wide and effective worldwide correspondents’ network, our team of specialists goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers’ experience is nothing but exceptional.

Products for Import

  • Sight Letter of Credit
  • Usance/DP/UPAS Letter of Credit
  • Issuance of Acceptance
  • Post Import Finance
  • Shipping Guarantees

Products for Export

  • Export LC receive & advice
  • Foreign Export bill for Negotiation/Collection
  • BTB LC Facility
  • Pre-Shipment Finance
  • Islamic Export Refinance Scheme
  • Local Bill Purchase in LCY and FCY (Post Shipment Finance)