Bank Alfalah Dubai provides a wide-range of Treasury services to its institutional and commercial clients. Our Treasury department provides its customers with very competitive prices, financial services and advises on Foreign exchange & Interest Rate exposure.

Services Offered include:
Foreign Exchange (G10 & GCC): Competitive pricing for spot FX and forwards. Tailored structure solutions.

Fixed Income / Money Market: Primary and Secondary market offering in Sovereigns, Sukuks and Corporate Bonds
Derivatives (FX, Interest Rates & Commodities): Structured solutions for hedging client’s interest rate and FX exposures

NRP Investment Services: Provide investment opportunities to non-resident Pakistanis through SCRA account, such as fixed income securities, mutual funds and equity markets. Also, facilitate overseas Pakistanis to send remittance back home.

Capital Market: Responsible to identify value and seek opportunity provided by GCC equities
Commodities: Offer wide range of products to cover precious and base metals