His Highness Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, Chairman of Bank Alfalah, pledges US $10m in donations for the flood relief efforts in Pakistan

Date: Bank Alfalah’s Chairman, His Highness Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, and the Board of Directors, have graciously approved that Bank Alfalah will contribute to the flood relief efforts ongoing in Pakistan. They have approved a fund amounting to USD 10Mn (Rs. 2,180Mn) to help with the extensive aid and rescue work required across the country. The pledged amount will be distributed by Bank Alfalah for the flood relief activities including donations through selected NGOs and organizations to provide immediate relief and a substantial amount will be earmarked for infrastructure rebuilding in the medium to long term to help the affected areas attain normalcy. This gesture by the Chairman & Board of Bank Alfalah is unprecedented and is a testament to the strong bond between UAE & Pakistan while reaffirming the strong positioning of Bank Alfalah as being a truly caring bank.

His Highness Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan who has always been a great supporter of Pakistan, expressed his sadness at the calamity that has recently overwhelmed the country. He prays that the Almighty Allah bestows respite and relief to the people of Pakistan in these trying times. While His Highness acknowledged that no amount of money is enough in the face of such devastation and irreversible loss, he was hopeful that this contribution will serve as a catalyst to partially alleviate the suffering of the victims.

His Highness and the Board have also asked the Bank to ensure that all Bank employees and their families affected by the torrential floods are adequately looked after. Pursuant to this, the Board has instructed the Bank to earmark funds to specifically address the needs of staff and their families. The Board has further desired that, to the extent possible, the Bank’s staff should itself play an active role in the disbursal of relief measures amongst its connected communities.

Atif Bajwa, President and CEO of Bank Alfalah, on behalf of its employees and the people of Pakistan, thanked His Highness Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan and the Board of Directors for their generous support. He shared heartfelt concern for the affected people and the keen desire for the country to rapidly recover from this catastrophe. He assured the Board that the pledged funds would go towards saving lives and rebuilding communities. Mr. Bajwa also thanked the Board for ensuring that the Bank’s most valuable asset, its employees, is looked after well in this difficult time.