Alfalah SnaPack AccountAlfalah SnaPack Account

Alfalah SnaPack Account

For You

Spend responsibly and get your swag on!
Life is a lot more fun with Alfalah SnaPack Account. Now you don’t need to get your pocket money as cash. Get it on a debit card instead – and you’ll never lose it! You can shop for your favourite things, eat at restaurants and watch movies – making any hang out session with friends a whole lot cooler.


  • Free Alfalah SnaPack Debit Card for ages 6 to 17 years
  • Free monthly e- Statement
  • Free SMS alerts

For your Parents or Guardians

You and your child can open a joint account with a minimum amount of Rs. 100 only – allowing you to have complete control over your child’s spending. These two accounts – Savings Account (yours) and Current Account (child’s) – are opened together and are linked. The money in your Savings Account functions as a pure deposit. Your child cannot access these funds. The profit you earn on this deposit is automatically transferred to your child’s Current Account every month. You will also have the ability to top-up the monthly amount to the Current Account through standing instructions. Your child can use their Debit Card to conduct transactions only from the Current Account.


  • Earn monthly profit on your Savings Account
  • Free Cheque Book
  • Free monthly e- Statement
  • Free SMS alert
  • No monthly account service fee
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Debit Card with annual fee
  • Range of Alliances on Alfalah SnaPack Card (for list please click here)


Deposit Rs. 500,000 for one month and get 50% off on your locker fee. Lockers are subject to availability.

-All taxes and Zakat are applicable as per Government regulations
-Service charges apply as per the Bank’s prevailing Schedule of Charges
-Terms and Conditions apply
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Apply Now Or you can apply for Alfalah SnaPack Account at the branch.
Reach someone helpful 24/7111-225-111