Alfalah Musharaka Saving AccountAlfalah Musharaka Saving Account

Alfalah Musharaka Saving Account

Alfalah Musharaka Saving Account not only gives you return on your investments, but also makes your day to day business banking needs extremely convenient with a host of free banking services.


  • Profit is calculated on average balance of the month and paid every month
  • Minimum initial deposit requirement for account opening is Rs. 10,000 only
  • No minimum and maximum balance limit for profit eligibility
  • No restriction on number of deposit or withdrawal transactions
  • Multiple tiers


  • VISA Debit/ATM Card accepted at over 30 million outlets and more than 2 million ATMs worldwide
  • Free cheque books*
  • Convenience of Online banking across all Bank Alfalah Islamic branches nationwide
  • Free e-statements
  • SMS alert on every transaction
  • Complimentary account statement semi-annually

* All the free services are subject to the terms and conditions as per prevailing Schedule of Charges

Note: Withholding Tax and Zakat is applicable as per existing policy of Government.

It is a profit bearing deposit account designed on the foundation of ‘Mudarabah’, where Bank is the ‘Mudarib’ (manager of the funds) and you, the customer is the ‘Rabb-ul-Maal’ (owner of funds). Bank at its discretion, use or employ your deposited funds in Shari’ah compliant modes such as Ijarah, Murabaha and Musharakah. Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking will share the profit on the basis of predetermined profit sharing ratio. The rate of return on your deposit will be determined through a Shari’ah approved mechanism called weightages, which are announced before the beginning of each calendar month and shall remain applicable for upcoming month. In the event of loss, all depositors will share such loss proportionate to their investment.

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