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Foreign Exchange

Our FX desk is one of the most active participants in the interbank market dealing in ready, spot, forward and swap transactions for all major currencies. Our sizable FX Book allows us to be a market maker in the interbank markets of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. This enables us to offer our corporate and individual customers the most competitive rates in all market conditions. Further, through our extensive NOSTRO account network we are able to offer timely funding solutions for importers dealing in G10 and other major currencies including the ACU Dollar currency prevalent in the South Asian market.


During trading hours an experienced team of Treasury Sales Dealers is available on dedicated recorded telephone lines to quote FX rates for Spot, Forward and Bill Discounting Transactions. Since we are an active market maker in the FX Interbank Market, we are able to offer competitive rates in both major and exotic currencies. Active client engagement is central to the our philosophy – we stay close to our customers through regular client visits and we remain relevant at all times by offering a holistic product suite, often customizing solutions to meet specific customer requirements.


Forward Exchange Contracts

Forward transactions are intended for customers who want to fix a favorable current exchange rate for the future. The customer can conclude a deal with maturity on an exact day in the future or conclude “forward with floating maturity“ for an agreed time frame within which the client has the opportunity to realize the contract on an optional day.


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