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Fixed Income

Our dedicated fixed income trading desk is one of the most active participants in all segments of the domestic money and bond markets.


Primary Dealer of Government Securities

We have been appointed by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) as a Primary Dealer of government securities which allows us to purchase Treasury bills and Pakistan Investment Bonds from the government directly through auction.

Having a large Islamic banking setup also allows us to participate in auctions of Shariah-compliant government bonds called GOP Ijarah Sukuk.

You can obtain further information about the features of these instruments through the following links:


Our customers can invest as well as trade in these government securities by opening a special account called Investor Portfolio of Securities (IPS) Account. These account facilities are offered to our customers free of charge. Click here to  download the IPS Account opening form in PDF format.
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For details about our Products & Services call our Phone Banking Service at 111-225-111