Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

We offer the following services to various financial institutions.


Fund Based Relationships

  • Conventional and Islamic Nostro Accounts/Vostro Accounts
    • Click here for Pakistan Operation – Conventional Banking Nostros
    • Click here for Pakistan Operation – Islamic Banking Nostros
    • Click here for Afghanistan Operation  –  Conventional Banking Nostros
    • Click here for Afghanistan Operation  –  Islamic Banking Nostros
    • Click here for Bangladesh Operation Nostros
    • Click here for Bahrain Operation Nostros
  • Forfeiting
  • Discounting of Letters of Credit
  • Risk Participation
    • Sell down of risks originated by Bank Alfalah Ltd. in Bangladesh and Pakistan.
    • Buying risks originated by other banks.
    • International Bond Portfolio


Trade Relationships

  • L/C Advising
  • L/C Confirmation
    • Member  of IFC’s GTFP Program
    • Guarantees
      • Bank Alfalah guarantees are acceptable with Government of Pakistan, its agencies and major financial institutions including the stock exchanges in Pakistan.
      • We accept most investment grade banks guarantees to cover facilities being granted by Bank Alfalah to foreign corporate entities.


Operational Support

  • Cash management
  • Customized transaction structuring
  • Complaint resolution in line with regulatory compliance requirements


24/7 Customer Support

For details about our Products & Services call our Phone Banking Service at 111-225-111