Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition



BAFL” Bank Alfalah Limited.

Basic Cardmember” Cardmember to whom BAFL has issued the original Basic Credit Card.

Basic Credit Card” Cardmember means the original person excluding any Supplementary/Virtual Cardmember who is issued a Card and for whom the Card Account is first opened by the Bank.

Billing Address” Address on which the Cardmember receives his/her Card Statement.

Business Day” Any day other than a Sunday that BAFL is open for business in Pakistan.

Business Partner” Participating organization which has offered products/services in Fortunes.

Card” All categories and types of BAFL VISA/MasterCard.

Card Account” Cardmembers VISA/MasterCard Account.

Cardmember” Holder of Basic Credit Card(s) issued by BAFL.

Commencement Date” Starting date of the Program as announced by BAFL July 1, 2010- June 30,2011.

Fortunes” Branded Points based program to reward Cardmembers for their patronage with BAFL.

FTO” Fast Track Option.

Point Account” Fortunes Point Account.

Reversals” Transactions for which the Cardmember will not be entitled to Points.

Rs.” Rupees.

Program” Fortunes reward program.



2.1. All Basic Cardmembers issued Cards by BAFL from the Commencement Date are eligible to enroll in the Program. Enrollment is currently free of cost but any fee for participation at the sole discretion of BAFL at any time, can be introduced in the Program which will be notified to Cardmembers.

2.2. Points earned by a Supplementary/Virtual Cardmember will be credited to the account of the Basic Cardmember and may be used only by the Basic Cardmember for redemption.


3.1. For every Rs. 50 charged on the Card (Refer to Point 4.3), BAFL will credit one (1) Point into the Card Account. However, BAFL reserves the rights to change at any time and without prior notice to the Cardmember, the ratio between a) a Point to be awarded; and b) the specified amount charged to Cardmember’s Point Account.



4.1. Points will accumulate on a monthly basis by reference to the total value of qualifying retail purchases made on the Card during that month.

4.2. Purchase BAFLances shall be rounded such that BAFLance of Rs. 0-25 shall not receive a Point whereas BAFLance of Rs. 26-49 will be equal to one Point.

4.3. Cardmembers would be given points for all Retail Transactions net of Reversals. Transactions included in Reversals are as follows:

  • Cash Advances or withdrawals in local or foreign currency
  • All Fees, Penalties & Services Charges
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Insurance premium plans
  • Disputed Transactions
  • BAFLance transfer amount
  • All payments at Call Center or through Auto Debit Transactions
  • Temporary Credits
  • All types of reversals


4.4. BAFL may by notice at any time vary the nature or category of Credit Card transactions that qualify for Points under the Fortunes Program.

4.5. Points accumulated in the Program have no cash or monetary value and thus no cash can be claimed by Cardmember from BAFL against the accumulated Points.

4.6. Points accumulated in the respective Card Account will be shown in the monthly Card statement.

4.7. If a previously cancelled Card Account is reinstated within six months of the cancellation date, any unutilized Points in the account will be reinstated.



5.1. Redemption requests can be given by filling out the Fortunes Redemption Form present in the catalogue/branches or by calling Bank Alfalah Phone Banking Service at 111-225-111. Once you have filled out the form in completion, you can either mail it to the Rewards Department or place it in the Drop Boxes located for your convenience. Very soon, you will be able to submit online application available on our website (www.bankalfalah.com).

5.2. The Card Account must be open, in good standing and there should be no past due BAFLances on the Card account. Moreover, it should not be fraudulently operated.

5.3. Points accrued in the Program can be redeemed by the Basic Cardmember only.

5.4. In case the Cardmember voluntarily closed his card, points accrued during the tenure of Cardmembership will be available for redemption for 15 days from the date of closure of the account.

5.5. If the Basic Cardmembers account is terminated at any time for any reason, whether by the Cardmember or Bank Alfalah, the Cardmember and Supplementary/Virtual Cardmembers shall henceforth be disqualified from participating in the Program.

5.6. Processing and delivery of rewards to the Cardmember would require four to six weeks.

5.7. Certain rewards may take a longer time for delivery to the Cardmember due to availability issues by certain business partners. BAFL will try to ensure deliveries within the stipulated time period, however, BAFL bears no responsibility for delays or defects inherent in the reward. The Cardmembers will have the right to request the cancellation of that reward if he/she is not willing to wait, and the Points will be added back to his/her point account.

5.8. All rewards are subject to availability with the respective vendor(s) and Business Partner’s and restrictions may apply as to when the rewards can be redeemed.

5.9. Points calculation for every item mentioned in the reward catalogue is subject to change depending on market rate.

5.10. Any additional meals, taxes, transportation or accommodation arrangements made in connection with any reward will be the sole responsibility of the Cardmember.

5.11. Redeemed Rewards are not exchangeable for other rewards, refundable, replaceable or transferable for cash or credit, under any circumstances.

5.12. By redeeming a reward, the Cardmember releases BAFL, its subsidiaries and affiliates from all liabilities to the Cardmembers, their guests or any transferees of the reward regarding the redemption or use of any reward or other participation in the Program.

5.13. Redemption of Points by way of Fast Track Option:


a) Under the Fast Track Option (“FTO”) facility offered by BAFL, reward(s) are redeemable against the accumulated points or against a combination of Reward Points and payment in rupees of the charge thus incurred as a result of the purchase. The said charge will then be posted on your Credit Card pursuant to the authority given by you to BAFL.

b) The FTO will be available on selected items and the same will be indicated in the catalogue provided by BAFL from time to time.

c) Your consent to redeem a reward by way of FTO will be indicated on the Rewards Redemption Form.


5.14. The colour of reward item could be different from the one shown in catalogue.



6.1 In the event of the death of a cardholder, the same is to be reported to BAFL immediately or latest within 10 business days.

6.2 Points are redeemable or transferable to another BAFL credit card (only on the production of sufficient documentary evidence) by an immediate relative of the cardholder i.e. a Supplementary/Virtual card member/holder, father, mother, spouse, son/daughter or next of kin nominated and adjudged by way of a valid decree passed by a Court of competent jurisdiction, provided however that the request for redemption is made within 30 days from the date of reporting the demise of the cardholder.

6.3 Expired points cannot be added back, whereas, only regular point redemption request will be entertained.

6.4 Redemption request will only be processed in accordance with the criteria as more particularly described in Section 5 Points Redemption and provided only if the card status is in good standing. The Bank shall be the sole judge in deciding whether or not the card status is in good standing.

6.5 The Bank reserves the right to alter or terminate the Rewards Scheme or amend the terms and conditions thereof at any time.

6.6 In case of any disputes, decisions of the Bank shall be final and binding.



7.1. Upon receiving your redemption request for Rewards, BAFL may send you a Rewards Certificate within 4-6 weeks of your request. The reward so requested will either be sent along with the Rewards Certificate or further instructions for redemption will be detailed on it.

7.2. BAFL nor the Business Partner is responsible for lost, stolen or mutilated Reward Certificates.

7.3. Once a Rewards Certificate has been issued, Points will not be added back to your Point Account.

7.4. Rewards Certificates will only be mailed to the Basic Cardmember on the Billing Address.

7.5. Validity date of the certificate issued will clearly be indicated on it.

7.6. Points for any unredeemed Rewards Certificate will not be added back under any circumstances.

7.7. Rewards Certificates must be surrendered upon redemption and no photocopies will be honored.

7.8. In the event that the Reward Certificate takes the form of a shopping/ dining voucher and the Cardmember wishes to purchase goods or services in excess of the value noted on the Redemption Certificate, the Cardmember must settle the difference to the Business Partner. No cash value will be awarded if in case the shopping/dining is less than the face value of voucher.



8.1. All hotel and travel rewards are subject to availability, specific terms and conditions and may have restrictions, blackout dates and exclusions, unless specified by BAFL.

8.2. BAFL assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from accident or otherwise to any person or thing in association and/or connection with the reward redeemed.

8.3. Issuance of travel Reward Certificate does not constitute a reservation. The Rewards Certificate holder is responsible for making all reservations and to notify the Business Partner of the reward(s) they are going to redeem.

8.4. BAFL reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time. BAFL also reserves the right to change the Programs Terms and Conditions at any time. These changes may include the imposition of fee for participation in the Program and the introduction of expiration dates for accumulated Points.

8.5. Fraud or abuse relating to accrual of Points in the Program or conversion of Points, may result in forfeiture of accrued Points as well as cancellation of a Cardmembers Program, and any BAFL Card or other BAFL Accounts and any decision by BAFL in this respect shall be final.

8.6. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Program, or the eligibility of Points for accrual, or conversion of Points will be resolved by BAFL at its sole discretion and any decision by BAFL in this respect shall be final.

8.7. BAFL’s failure to enforce a particular Term and Condition does not constitute as a waiver of that Term and Condition by BAFL.

8.8. BAFL will bear no responsibility for resolving any dispute concerning goods or services received as a Reward under the Program.

8.9. Certain Terms and Conditions pertaining

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