Corporate Citizenship

Mission and Focus Areas

Bank Alfalah’s mission is to support economic empowerment and inclusion in our communities with a focus on innovation and sustainable opportunities to deliver our ‘Beyond Philanthropy’ approach. We aim to achieve a triple bottom line (social, environmental and economic) impact. Key community investments will be made in the following focus areas:

  • Healthcare and the Environment
  • Education/ Vocational training
  • Sports and Youth DevelopmentMicrofinance and Entrepreneurship

Some of our key corporate citizenship initiatives include:



The Bank has joined hands with the AllWorld Network for the Pakistan Fast Growth 100 (Pakistan100) Program. The AllWorld Network Inc., co-founded by Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, launched the Pakistan 100 in 2012. This is a pioneering effort to showcase and rank the most innovative and dynamic fast-growth private companies in Pakistan.

The medium-scale enterprise sector is the engine to fuel future economic growth by creating the next wave of employment, driving the economy and fostering prosperity. Further, with the Bank’s focus on SME and entrepreneurship on the business and community fronts, this is an exciting opportunity to support a unique global initiative that recognizes rising and established entrepreneurs in Pakistan and beyond. This is another side of Pakistan that must be heard – a forward-looking story of innovation, ambition, and achievement.


Heritage preservation through upgrading and maintaining the historical infrastructure of Pakistan

Some such projects include

i) Historical Preservation of Shahdin Manzil, Lahore
ii) Beautification and maintenance of 2 and 3 Swords in Karachi
iii) Building and maintenance of Tamgha Chawk and Shamsheer Chawk in Lahore in the Cantonment Area, Aziz Bhatti Road, Lahore with the support of the Pakistan Army. Tamgha Chowk is a monument where the top 6 awards (Civil + Military) of Pakistan are displayed, whilst Shamsheer Chowk demonstrates the protection of the country by the Army.
iv) Maintenance of Liberty Roundabout, Lahore


Supporting Sports in Pakistan

Bank Alfalah plays a key role in nurturing sports in including Cricket, Polo and Skiing with a view to youth and community development in Pakistan. Going forward the Bank will continue to focus on developing sports and encouraging emerging talent in the country.

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