Credit Cards

Alfalah VISA Gold & Classic Credit Cards


Welcome to the world of Alfalah VISA Credit Cards. As an Alfalah VISA Credit Card member, you can enjoy  numerous benefits and privileges.


Features & Benefits


Global Reach and Acceptability

The Bank Alfalah Credit Card carries the Visa logo, hence ensuring worldwide acceptability at more than 30 million establishments and 1.5 million ATMs worldwide.

Exciting Discounts

When we claim to make you enjoy life today, we truly fulfill that promise. Alfalah Credit Cards opens a world of exciting discounts whether for shopping, fine dining, or world class travelling. Click here for our ongoing discounts and promotions.

Fabulous Rewards

With Alfalah Credit Cards, you spend and we reward. For every Rs. 50 you spend, you earn 1 Reward Point which is redeemable against countless product offerings to choose from.  All you have to do is follow  these simple steps to redeem your earned Reward Points.


Step 1: Check your last Credit Card statement or call at 111-225-111 to find out the status of your Reward Points:


Step 2: Click here to view our online rewards catalogue with countless product and service offerings to choose from and select the products you wish to buy against your earned Reward Points.  If the value of the product you like is higher than your earned Reward Pointsthen you can select FTO options (For detail review FAQ’ of reward catalogue). FTO amount charge on your credit card, which will appear in your next month’s statement.


Step 3: Call our Phone Banking Officer at 111-225-111 and place the order or click here to the form and mail to Bank Alfalah Consumer Centre or Bank Alfalah Credit Card drop boxes at your nearest branch.

For further details, please call at 111-225-111

SBS Installment Plans

Our ongoing SBS Installment Plan promotions allow you to purchase countless home and lifestyle products through your Bank Alfalah Credit Card and repay the transaction amount in Equal Monthly Installment (EMI). You can chose tenures of 3,6,12,18,24,30 and 36 months for repayment. Click here for our ongoing Installment Plan offerings.


You can convert any of your retail transactions of Rs. 3,000 and above into an Installment Plan. A booking fee as per the prevailing Schedule of Charges (Click Here to download) is applied on every transaction which is converted into an Installment Plan. You can also avail the option of BTF on an Installment Plan, whereby you can pay off your other Credit Cards through your Bank Alfalah Credit Card and pay back in equal monthly installments at a lower markup.

Free CIP Lounge Access

Bank Alfalah Gold Card customers can enjoy complimentary CIP lounge access for their international travel from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Airports. Just present your Bank Alfalah Gold credit card at the lounge to enjoy relaxed seating with television entertainment, free buffet of snacks and beverages, Internet, fax & telephone facilities, reading material and a 24 hour full service information desk giving prompt updates on flight departures.

Cash Advance

Bank Alfalah Credit Card’s cash advance facility allows you to withdraw instant cash from any Bank Alfalah branch across Pakistan and at any ATM worldwide, displaying VISA and 1link logo.

The service charges for cash advance will be applied from the day of the transaction. A cash advance fee will also apply for each cash withdrawal.

Balance Transfer Facility

With the Bank Alfalah Credit Card Balance Transfer Facility, you also have the opportunity to pay off balances which you owe to other banks through your Bank Alfalah Credit Card, on an affordable transfer rate.  Simply call our Phone Banking Officer at 111-225-111 for details.

Credit Cover

You can have complete peace of mind with your Alfalah  Credit Card, even against unforeseen emergencies. With the Alfalah Credit Cover, you are insured against any unfortunate temporary or permanent disability or death. Alfalah Credit Cover allows payment of the outstanding monthly amount in case of temporary disability and in the unfortunate event of cardholders’ death coverage is provided up to twice the amount of outstanding debt. Credit Cover facility is available for a minimal fee, charged automatically on the card balance every month.

Free Travel Accident Insurance

If you purchase an airline, train or bus ticket through your Bank Alfalah Credit Card, you are automatically covered against any unforeseen accident during the travel. The coverage amounts are: Classic Card: up to Rs. 1.75 Million; Gold Card: up to Rs. 3.5 Million.

Zero Loss Liability

You can be rest assured that if you lose your Bank Alfalah Credit Card, you have nothing to worry about! Bank Alfalah covers you from all fraudulent charges made on your card as soon as you report it lost to us. So make sure that you report the loss immediately after such an incident at 111-225-111.  We promise that with your Bank Alfalah Credit Card, you are completely secure against loss and theft.

Revolving Credit

With Bank Alfalah Credit Cards you have the option of paying only 5% of your outstanding balance by the payment due date. Service charges will be levied on the balance unpaid spending and carried forward. These charges are calculated on a daily basis from the transaction date for all cash and retail transactions. The following month you have the option of either paying the full amount due or opting to pay just the minimum amount due and revolve again.

E-statement Facility

You can enjoy receiving your Bank Alfalah Credit Card monthly statements electronically via email By simply calling our Phone Banking Officer at

111-225-111 to subscribe to this service.

SMS Alerts

To keep track of every transaction made through your Credit Card, you can now subscribe to our SMS Alerts. For activation, please call our Phone Banking Officer at 111-225-111.

Bill Payment Facility

You can pay your utility and mobile bills through your Bank Alfalah Credit Card by calling 111-225-111 at anytime.

Supplementary Cards

You can share the benefits and privileges of your Bank Alfalah Credit Card with your loved ones. The Bank Alfalah Credit Card offers you up to 6 supplementary cards. Any individual with a minimum age of 14 years is eligible to become a supplementary cardholder.

24 Hour Customer Service

By simply calling our 24 hour our Phone Banking at 111-225-111 you can avail the following facilities on your Bank Alfalah Credit Card, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Check account details of your credit card statements
  • Avail Balance Transfer Facility
  • Avail Installment Plan facility
  • Pay your utility and mobile bills
  • Redeem your accumulated credit card rewards against selection of your product from our rewards catalogue
  • Activate ongoing and new Credit Card services
  • Inquire about ongoing Credit Card promotions

24/7 Customer Support

For details about our Products & Services call our Phone Banking Service at 111-225-111