Business Loans

Alfalah Karobar Finance

Alfalah Karobar Finance offers running finance, LG, LC and other import/export related facilities against mortgage of residential/commercial property.

Feature and benefits

  • Stock insurance not required.
  • Only 25% cleanup required.
  • Affordable markup rates to be paid on a quarterly basis
  • Quick processing and loan disbursement
  • Minimal processing charges



  • Applicant must be a Pakistani National Identity Card Holder
  • He/she should be between 23 and 60 years of age at the time of the application, subject to maximum age of 60 on maturity of finance
  • He/she must be running a business for at least 3 years with a satisfactory track record
  • The security against the finance should be a mortgage of urban residential/commercial property (ies).
  • Validity of the financing shall be initially for a period of one year
  • Financing facility up to 70% of assessed market value of mortgaged property
  • 3 times turnover of the limit assigned is required in the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AKF stand for? Alfalah Karobar Finance.

What kind of financing facility does the Bank provide under AKF? It offers running finance, LG, LC and other import/export related facilities against mortgage of residential/commercial Property.

What is the amount of financing offered under AKF? The amount ranges from PKR 0.5M to 20M.

What is the frequency of the repayment mark-up? Mark-up is quarterly and payable within 15 days of the due date.

What is the mark-up rate? Mark-up is linked with 3 months KIBOR

What is the security that I will have to offer to avail AKF? Urban residential/commercial properties (third party collateral also permissible) along with personal guarantees of mortgagor/partners/directors.

How long is the processing time? Approximately 20 working days from the date of receipt of the complete Loan Application Form along with required documentation.

Can I simultaneously avail other financing facilities along with AKF? Yes, you can avail other facilities as sublimit or as standalone facilities in AKF provided that maximum financing should not exceed PKR 20M.

How many times will I have to visit Bank Alfalah before I get the amount? Approximately three times for the following: (i) To hand over the required documents (ii) To sign the agreement (iii) For disbursement of the loan

What is the minimum length of experience required in the same line of business? Three years.

How is the loan entitlement calculated? Up to 70% of the assessed normal market value of the property and 3 times turnover of the limit assigned is required in the account.

How is AKF different from normal cash finance offered by Bank Alfalah and other banks? For AKF, we do not require a stock report, letter of hypothecation or insurance of stock. Only 25% clean up is required every six months as against 100% in most cash finance facilities.

Is there an age restriction for availing AKF? Maximum age limit is 60 years for individuals/sole proprietors.

What is the clean-up requirement under AKF? After every six months there is an adjustment of 25% of the approved limit for two days.

What are the renewal requirements? Renewals shall be subject to regular mark-up payments, clean-up requirements and healthy turnover in AKF account.

Are financial statements of my business required to avail AKF? Financials signed by the borrowers are suffice.

I have no credit history with any bank. Does it make me ineligible for AKF? No, you can still avail AKF if you fulfill other eligibility criteria.

Can I avail AKF to construct a storage facility for my stocks which would immediately result in larger cash flows from my business? We offer Alfalah Milkiat Finance which is a suitable financing structure for asset finance.

Rates & Charges

Processing fee (up-front with LAF): As per Schedule of Charges

Documentation charges: actual cost of revenue and special adhesive stamps.

Legal charges: Actual and approved charges of lawyers on the Bank’s approved panel.

Valuation charges: Actual and approved charge of valuators on the Bank’s approved panel.

24/7 Customer Support

For details about our Products & Services call our Phone Banking Service at 111-225-111